Top 5 Reasons to Become a Per Diem Nurse

Balancing your nursing career, family and social life is difficult. That’s why many nurses choose to work per diem.

“Per Diem” is the Latin phrase for “by the day,” meaning that per diem nurses are hired on an as-needed basis. Picking up per diem shifts allows you to keep your current schedule and earn additional income, keep your current nursing license active while you pursue other ventures, or gain valuable clinical experience.

Plus, it’s important to work per diem at a great agency so that you receive maximum benefits and support. That’s where GIFTED Healthcare comes in.

Per diem nursing is an exciting career opportunity offered by GIFTED. Read on for the top five reasons to become a per diem nurse!

Per Diem Nursing

1. Flexibility

Nursing schedules often require long hours, night shifts, and holiday coverage. As a per diem nurse, you are in control of when you work.

Having a flexible nursing schedule provides work-life balance. As a GIFTED per diem nurse, you set your availability and GIFTED connects you with the best opportunities. That way, you never have to miss a dance recital, anniversary dinner, or doctor’s appointment again.

This flexibility also allows per diem nurses to work part-time as a supplement to their main source of income or simply keep their nursing license active while pursuing other passions.

2. Higher Pay

Per diem nurses earn higher hourly pay than salaried positions.

GIFTED knows the value you provide as a nurse. We secure our nurses with competitive compensation and benefits, finding the best opportunities that work for you. Whether you’re looking to maximize the value of your time or save toward a financial goal, per diem nursing will help you get there faster.

Higher hourly pay plus the ability to work when you want equals freedom. If you’re just looking for a few extra hours, pick up extra shifts at a better pay rate and supplement your income by doing more of what you love.

3. Valuable Clinical Experience

Per diem nursing allows you to experience different workplace settings and find the best fit for you. If you are new in town, trying a different specialty, or looking for a better workplace fit, per diem nursing lets you experience a variety of facilities and interact with the staff before making a long-term commitment.

4. Great Benefits on Day  One

Travel nursing companies’ insurance and benefits policies may vary widely, and GIFTED Healthcare’s benefits are at the top of the industry.

GIFTED RNs receive a comprehensive list of benefits that put nurses first, including:

  • Day ONE health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Premium Pay – personalized pay packages that fit your needs
  • Access to premier facilities
  • Chief Nursing Officer available to you 24/7
  • Short-term disability and affordable life insurance
  • Career coaching and professional resources that help you reach your nursing goals
  • Generous referral bonuses
  • A unique personal touch – GIFTED recruiters and staff work hard to build personal relationships

5. 24/7 Nurse Support

The culture of your travel nursing agency is crucial. GIFTED Healthcare prioritizes nurses’ success, offering clinical support from professionals that understand the nature of the work of the nurse.

GIFTED Healthcare offers per diem nurses around-the-clock support from our Chief Nursing Officers. We believe it’s essential that nurses receive assistance from individuals that fully understand the nature of any clinical problem that might present itself, especially since the arrival of COVID-19.

Become a Per Diem Nurse with GIFTED Healthcare

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