Through the Eyes of a Nurse – Working Christmas Day

Nurse working Christmas

A nurses’ work is so important and here at GIFTED we know that nurses are heroes! The article linked below from proves how important nurses are to patients on Christmas Day and everyday.

We enjoyed reading about this nurse’s feelings on her way to and during her shift on Christmas Day. It begins with a feeling of despondency, spending time away from her family for the first holiday ever.  Once she gets to the hospital, she takes you through the overall atmosphere. She goes through a series of emotions and describes how her heart yearns for some of her patients. The personal touches that she gets to add to her patients’ day because it’s Christmas adds to the emotional journey for the reader. While getting wrapped up in the job-her day passes very quickly and just like that, it’s time to go home and she knows she has made a real difference.

Click here to read the full story of what it was like for this nurse working Christmas Day. 


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