The Gypsy Nurse Names GIFTED a Top Travel Nursing Agency of 2021

We’re thrilled to announce that The Gypsy Nurse has named GIFTED Healthcare one of its Best Travel Nursing Agencies of 2021!

The Gypsy Nurse asks thousands of nurses across the nation to rate travel nurse agencies on key performance areas in its Annual Evaluation Survey. The survey is conducted by two independent research firms and includes over 100 travel nurse agencies.

Based on survey results, travel nurse agencies are scored in five main categories: Best Overall Agency, Most Loyal Agency, Most Traveler-Centric Benefits, Best Career Accelerator, and Best Assignment Concierge. GIFTED Healthcare was named a finalist in all five categories!

GIFTED Healthcare Named Gypsy Nurse Awards Finalist

Gypsy Nurse Awards Results

Based on results from The Gypsy Nurse Annual Evaluation Survey, GIFTED was named a finalist in all five categories: Best Overall AgencyMost Loyal AgencyMost Traveler-Centric Benefits, Best Career Accelerator, and Best Assignment Concierge.

The Gypsy Nurse’s criteria for each award is defined below:

  • The Best Overall Agency Award highlights the agency with the highest aggregated score across the four specific award areas: agency relationship, assignment location, employment benefits, and career advancement.
  • The Most Loyal Agency Award highlights the agency with recruiters who are knowledgeable and address concerns quickly, while also genuinely getting to know travel nurses and making them feel a part of a family.
  • The Most Traveler-Centric Benefits Agency Award highlights the agency with attractive financial and non-financial benefits, opportunities for skill-building outside of work (e.g., CEU’s and certifications), and a strong overall compensation package.
  • The Best Career Accelerator Agency Award highlights the agency with great on-the-job-training and assignments that help travel nurses broaden their set of skills and develop further expertise in an area of interest.
  • The Best Assignment Concierge Agency Award highlights the agency with connections to high-quality hospitals in desirable geographic locations, and that do the best job of helping travel nurses find the ideal assignment.

Thank You, GIFTED Nurses!

A BIG THANKS to all of our wonderful GIFTED Nurses for their feedback on the Gypsy Nurse Agency Evaluation Survey. We are so proud to support the work of the nurse, and we look forward to providing exceptional service for all of your future nursing adventures!

View the official results at The Gypsy Nurse’s website.

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