States Expediting Emergency Licenses for Nurses due to Coronavirus

New research from industry experts suggests that many states in the US will face healthcare staffing and bed shortages very soon due to coronavirus (COVID-19) patients.

According to a new study by Array Advisors, the growth of the coronavirus pandemic will force healthcare facilities to make difficult decisions regarding bed capacity and workforce management.

Array Advisors project that approximately 20 states will reach ICU bed capacity in mid-April. Washington and New York, two states hit especially hard by the virus, will reach capacity even sooner.

In the coming months, the coronavirus outbreak will create high demand for additional healthcare professionals to provide care for the growing number of patients in facilities across the country. Healthcare staffing agencies will provide essential workforce management solutions by recruiting clinicians to fill workforce gaps around the nation.

States Removing Barriers for Nurses to Earn Emergency Licenses

In an effort to solve this problem, many states are removing barriers and improving processing times for nurses trying to earn emergency licenses.

In some states, such as South Carolina, state medical boards are expediting temporary licensure for out-of-state physicians, nurses, and respiratory care therapists within one to three days.

Regulations and wait times are changing on a daily basis, and GIFTED Healthcare is here to help you become licensed and placed in a facility as soon as possible.

Contact Us Today to Join GIFTED’s Crisis Response

The unprecedented COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve. In some areas, hospitals are experiencing a shortage of core staff and are offering increased rates to ensure their urgent staff needs are met.

If you are interested in a crisis response position, please fill out our short application or email us now. Our team is working day and night to remain available for your needs.

Team GIFTED is working around the clock to ensure that we are available for all your needs.

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