GIFTED Healthcare can help you find the best local contract nurses

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GIFTED healthcare makes local contract nurse staffing easy.

Our top nurse staffing experts source, select, and screen all the best acute care professionals in your area. We take care of every detail from credential review to training and hiring. Staffing experts at GIFTED help healthcare providers stay adequately staffed at all times. Above all, we help your facility provide the best patient care at any census level. To request Supplemental Staffing, click here

GIFTED Nurses get you through any situation.

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  • Staffing Shortages
  • Bed Closures
  • Unit Transitions
  • Growth & Expansion
  • FMLA Coverage
  • Seasonal Staff Fluctuations
  • EMR Conversions
  • Quality Control Audits
  • Managerial Changes
  • Census Variations

The GIFTED Staffing Approach

GIFTED takes an individualized and comprehensive approach to provide strategic and creative nursing talent solutions with our partners.

  • Nurse-Passionate: We believe in nurses’ heroic service to patients. The best nurse-client match promises the best patient outcomes for both the hospital and the individual. Creating the best experience for all parties is our goal.

  • Nurse-Founded: GIFTED is owned and operated by nurses. Every decision we make provides the right clinician to fit our clients’ work environment, culture and goals.

  • Nurse-Centric: Because we are nurses, our collaborative staffing solutions maximize the core competencies, talents, and skills of the nurse. Above all. we provide a better ROI for our clients’ investment in nursing expertise and service.

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