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Robison Medical Resource Group, LLC, a GIFTED Healthcare company, is a top-rated healthcare agency providing quality healthcare professionals for government medical jobs. Our organization provides solutions for staffing via our Government Service division in both federal and state entities.

Robison Medical Resource Group, LLC holds a current and active FSS 621 I contract schedule (36F79718D0539). Robison Medical Resource Group, LLC is a full-cycle healthcare agency, offering short and long-term domestic job contracts. Robison Medical Resource Group, LLC is registered with the System for Award Management (SAM) with no exclusions and has been awarded The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval Healthcare Staffing Services Certification. Our organization’s team of experts ensure all information meets or exceeds any Joint Commission requirements, federal guidelines, and our clients’ needs.

As a nurse owned and nurse operated healthcare staffing company, Robison Medical Resource Group, LLC supports healthcare clients across the nation offering quality healthcare professionals that have a direct impact on positive healthcare outcomes! Through our teaming effort with our clients, Robison Medical Resource Group, LLC offers the ability to quickly stabilize staffing medical units, reducing lead times and partner in managing cost. Our Company’s vast knowledge has gained the trust of our clients and our clinicians. We strive to attract and retain the most qualified healthcare professionals to assist our clients in serving the most important member of the healthcare team-the patient.

Robison Medical Resource Group, LLC is positioned to offer a full spectrum of contracted healthcare professional to support our clients and their patients. Our organization holds recurring contracts as both a prime vendor and subcontractor at government clinics, including Military Treatment Facilities, including Veterans Hospitals, Airforce Medical Hospitals, Indian Health Service medical centers, and clinics within the US Bureau of Prisons.

In keeping with our clients’ needs, Robison Medical Resource Group, LLC, a GIFTED Healthcare company, ensures that all our healthcare professionals who are interested in government jobs are screened in accordance with the highest government standards. This allows us to acquire an accurate evaluation of our candidates’ experience level and skills, as well as place them in the appropriate government agency where that healthcare professional can excel.

Robison Medical Resource Group, LLC has retained renewable contracts for many years due to our commitment to delivering the highest quality medical professionals.

Robison Medical Resource Group, LLC, a GIFTED Healthcare company is a leader in supporting military families, veterans, and federal employees.

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FSS: 36F79718D0539

Primary NAICS: 561320

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We look forward to helping manage your government staffing needs.

 To our Clinicians: Why We are the Top-Rated Healthcare Agency Today

Robison Medical Resource Group, LLC a Gifted Healthcare Company works closely with both local state and Federal Government medical jobs giving our healthcare professionals the opportunity to make essential contributions to your local area, our country, our veterans, and their families.

Federal Government assignments at Robison Medical Resource Group, LLC allow you to serve a unique population of patients, thus making these jobs even more rewarding and a great resume builder! Federal Government assignments offer our clinicians the opportunity to gain unique and meaningful professional experience that can enrich both your career and your life.

Federal Government assignments also offer opportunities in diverse locations nationwide that range from remote areas to big cities. There may even be local contracts available in your area! Ask us!

Federal Contract assignments allow you to put the Patients first; with excellent patient to nurse ratios, this is a reality!

Did you know that you can accept a federal government assignment and travel on your current unrestricted state license?

It is true! The Federal Government honors any valid unrestricted license – regardless of the US state in which it was issued. This legal provision allows clinicians placed by Robison Medical Resource Group, LLC to practice their tradecraft while engaging in exciting adventures not usually available to permanently staffed positions.

Did you know that you can earn vacation with Federal Government Contracting?

Robison Medical Resource Group, LLC offers both short-term and long-term assignments. Short-term assignments typically range from 13 weeks to 12 months; long-term assignment can be five (5) years and beyond! With your one-year anniversary in Federal Government contracting-you earn vacation!

Many healthcare professionals like the long-term assignments that government contracting offers. Local Federal Government assignments may range from one to five years in length. These balance the flexibility and adventure of contract nursing with the longevity of more conventional staff position.

We value the work of the nurse and look forward to supporting our government clients with your help-our clinicians!

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