Pros and Cons of Agency Vs. Staff Nursing

In today’s job market, nurses are in high demand. RNs across the country need to prioritize their career needs to find the right path, and in doing so, many of them struggle to choose between agency work and staff nursing. GIFTED wants to make it easier for you!

We value the work nurses do and it’s our mission to provide them with fulfilling, successful, and professional clinical experiences.

Our agency is run by nurses and people who value compassionate caregivers. We work closely with healthcare facilities to understand their clinical needs for optimal and efficient nurse matches. We strive to help you find the nursing career path that works best for you.

To help you navigate this process, check out this list of pros and cons for agency nursing versus staff nursing:Employment options for travel, per diem, local, or staff nursing

Pros of Agency Nursing

  • Choose your own hours day to day, week to week
  • Higher hourly pay rate in many cases
  • More variety in your work setting
  • Traveling to different locations
  • Lower potential for burnout
  • More confidence in applying your training in new settings
  • Supplementing your income by taking on additional shifts
  • Never required to work specific holidays
  • Vacation time can be taken whenever you want for however long you desire
  • Less involvement in workplace politics
  • GIFTED agency nurses are offered a premium benefit package from day one
  • Options to receive training from many different facilities

Cons of Agency Nursing

  • Contract availability may fluctuate
  • Less familiarity with location-specific protocol or patients
  • Shifts are dependent on sometimes unpredictable staffing needs
  • The number of available shifts varies and is not guaranteed

Pros of Staff Nursing

  • Predictable income week to week
  • PTO options
  • More familiar with work associates and patients
  • More streamlined process learning workplace policy and protocol
  • Shifts are guaranteed

Cons of Staff Nursing

  • Less flexible scheduling, overnights and weekends are often required
  • Increased responsibilities from supervisors and facility management
  • Potentially lower hourly pay
  • Time off requests may not be honored
  • Time off may be limited to shorter lengths of time
  • Possible challenges navigating workplace hierarchy
  • May be required to work on holidays and be away from family

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