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Travel Nurse Stories, Resources,
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National Wellness Month: Social Wellness Tips

August is National Wellness Month and GIFTED has pulled together a list of tips to help you, as a travel nurse, enhance your overall wellness. This is important to help live a higher quality of life, and as a travel nurse, this becomes even more of a priority while on assignment.

Wellness is determined by a variety of categories including environmental, mental, physical, social, spiritual, financial, intellectual, and occupational. Today, we are focusing on how you can enhance your social wellness while traveling, from meeting new friends to connecting with your patients and embracing every social interaction in between.

Social Wellness

Having a sense of connection, belonging, and a well-developed support system goes a long way with your social wellness. While traveling, you might feel a void where those connections used to be so you will need to actively seek social interactions to enhance your social wellness while living in a new city.

Connect With Friends from Home

If you are traveling alone, connecting with your friends and loved ones while on your assignment will make you feel more at home. Share the exciting experiences of your new town with friends over a FaceTime catch-up or send pictures to your parents so they can live vicariously through your adventures.  These little moments will enhance your social wellness.

Connect With Patients

One of the coolest things about nursing in general, but specifically travel nursing, is that you are helping people that you would have most likely never even met outside of the hospital. Every patient at your bedside has a story, a life they have lived, the advice they would give, etc. Embrace the moments you have with patients to connect with strangers and feel the impact that one conversation can have on both you and your patient.

Take Yourself Out

Time with yourself can be social too. It doesn’t always have to be a home-cooked meal. Research the local hot spot restaurants and create a bucket list of menus you want to try. Check out upcoming concerts, free events, and more to connect socially with your assignment city. Being around the social atmosphere and taking it all in can improve your social wellness as well.

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