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Travel Nurse Stories, Resources,
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National Wellness Month: Physical Wellness Tips

August is National Wellness Month and GIFTED has pulled together a list of tips to help you, as a travel nurse, enhance your overall wellness. This is important to help live a higher quality of life, and as a travel nurse, this becomes even more of a priority while on assignment.

Wellness is determined by a variety of categories including environmental, mental, physical, social, spiritual, financial, intellectual, and occupational. Today, we are focusing on how you can enhance your physical wellness while traveling, from trying new gyms to carving out time to recharge.

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness is not just about working out, it is about your body’s need for physical activity, healthy nutrition, and sleep. While adjusting to your new travel assignment, start to navigate your workout, eating, and sleep routines so you can feel balanced during the transition.

Find Your Workout Spot

Research local gyms and fitness studios near your house or hospital, depending on what time of day you prefer to move. A lot of studios offer a first class free, or some type of trial period membership, so don’t limit yourself to places you recognize from other cities. There might be a workout that is brand new to you and ends up being your favorite way to work out!

You also shouldn’t limit yourself just to the gym. Venture around the area and look for local trails to hike, parks for running and walking, or outdoor excursions to try for a change of scenery. Gyms also offer free pop-up events outdoors in larger cities so explore this option to experience the best of both worlds, getting some movement in while exploring the city.

Eat Local, Cook at Home

A huge perk of travel nursing is exploring parts of the country you might have never been to before and with that comes local produce and food. Hit up farmer’s markets to experience local vendors and culinary items that the town or state is known for.

Pack a cookbook with you and use your new favorite farmer’s market items to make some home-cooked meals. Cooking not only soothes your mind, but it’s a way to nourish your body and promote physical wellness. The best part is packing the leftovers for your next shift!

Stick to a Sleep Schedule

Whether you are working day shift, night shift, or a combo of both, your sleep as a nurse has to be a priority. Sleep improves your mood, regulates your blood sugar, improves your mental function, relieves stress, enhances athletic performance, and so many other bodily functions. You can help yourself in this area by setting up a successful sleep environment.

Depending on how you prefer to sleep, there are a variety of ways to control your sleep environment like the temperature, lighting, noise level, etc. If it helps you, pack an eye mask, turn on white noise, blast the ac, or read a book before bed. All of these options will help soothe your mind and body for a restful night’s sleep.

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