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National Wellness Month: Mental Wellness Tips

August is National Wellness Month and GIFTED has pulled together a list of tips to help you, as a travel nurse, enhance your overall wellness. This is important to help live a higher quality of life, and as a travel nurse, this becomes even more of a priority while on assignment.

Wellness is determined by a variety of categories including environmental, mental, physical, social, spiritual, financial, intellectual, and occupational. Today, we are focusing on how you can enhance your mental wellness while traveling, from therapy to self-care and everything in between.

Mental Wellness

Your mental and emotional wellness has a large impact on your overall attitude and outlook toward life. This is a huge factor in your overall wellness and can ebb and flow over time.  Your mental wellness will help you cope effectively, establish a positive self-regard, and create satisfying relationships in your day-to-day. Here are some tips to help your mental wellness while traveling.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a type of meditation in which you focus on being intensely aware of what you’re sensing and feeling in the moment, without interpretation or judgment. There are a variety of ways to practice it so start with some trial and error to see what works best for your body and mind.

If your brain is busy planning, problem-solving, daydreaming, or thinking negative thoughts, you can feel drained. It also adds levels of stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression to your day. Take time each day to practice mindfulness exercises such as meditation, breathing, guided imagery, and more to relax your mind and body.

Check out these five simple practices for daily life to get started.

Self-Care Days

Along the lines of mindfulness, a self-care day can go a long way in easing your chaotic thoughts. Set aside time on a day off to go on a longer walk, listen to a relaxing podcast, pamper yourself, or anything else that helps ease your mind and allow you to recover. Even if it is just 30 minutes you set aside, this will help chip away at the stress our bodies build up over time.

Talk It Out

In a world where virtual therapy is more commonly accessible, take advantage of it. Through the ups and downs of your personal life, shift experiences, and travel schedule, a therapist is a great outlet to put yourself first and prioritize your needs. Don’t let your mental wellness get lost in the shuffle of your other priorities.

If a therapist is not available, rely on your loved ones for a little bit of time here and there to let your feelings out.

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