Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we connected with some of our nurses to learn how they prioritize their mental health and well-being as a travel nurse at GIFTED.  

Travel Nursing & Mental Health 

Maintaining and prioritizing good mental health as a nurse is essential. There are potential physical and mental stressors that can pop up throughout a shift, such as patient volume and long hours, and working through the COVID-19 pandemic has added to this.   

While putting patients first, it is easy for nurses to deprioritize their own needs which is why mental health prevention is important among nurses. Check out these tips from GIFTED Clinicians on how they avoid burnout and maintain their mental health.   

Mental Health Tips from GIFTED Nurses 

At GIFTED, we understand how important every nurse’s mental health is and we want to share some tips from GIFTED clinicians just like you! Read below and take some tips on how you can prioritize your mental health needs this month and add them to your routine moving forward.   

Lisa O., RN | Utah 

“Seeing my horses is everything. Horse therapy is important to me. I love giving them treats and getting some kisses. I also make sure to go for walk on my breaks from work”  

Kristen M., RN | Louisiana  

“For my mental health, I decompress to my partner when I get home from work. Letting it off my chest allows me to move on.”  

Keith S., RN | Louisiana  

“I separate myself from the battles of healthcare by blocking my schedule. I spend my chunk of time off with my family, relaxing with a book, or on vacation. Planning trips helps me a lot.”  

Ashley W., RN | Louisiana  

“I am a huge advocate for therapy. I have a therapist and this has helped as we face the pandemic. I also cook, read, and play with my dog on my days off.”  

Ashlin C., RN | Louisiana  

“I give myself mandatory days off. This holds me accountable to my own self-care. I also reset with a vacation because I feel much more productive after some relaxing time away.”  

How Do You Put Your Mental Health First?  

In honor of mental health awareness month, reflect on how you can prioritize your own mental health. Start with something small, like a five-minute walk outside or an extra day off from work this month to get in touch with your mental health. There is no overnight fix but utilizing the resources you have available to you and setting aside the time you need for yourself will slowly build good habits and allow you to show up for your patients when they need you most.  

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