How to Spend Your $1,500 GIFTED Refer Bonus

At GIFTED Healthcare, we take a lot of pride in building a solid team of nurses. We’ve been able to do this through a great referral program. We’re looking to grow our team of nurses in Oklahoma.

Anyone can participate, and for every nurse you refer who accepts and works a contract, you get $1,500! Your RN referral must complete a 13-week contract for you to receive your bonus. Plus there is no limit to the number of GIFTED people you can refer or the bonuses you can receive.

Refer a Nurse for $1,500

Now that you’ve referred a nurse and they completed their 13-week assignment, the hard part is over. Next is the fun part. You’ll have to decide how to spend your $1,500! We’ve come up with some helpful ideas on how to spend your bonus. Got more ideas? Tweet us at @giftedhc. We want to know how you’d spend your bonus!

Excited about the thought of $1,500 in your pocket? Refer a GIFTED nurse today!

RN referrals must complete a 13-week contract for you to receive your bonus. 

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