How to Obtain Your Nebraska Nursing License | Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) State

License by Endorsement

Application $123 or $30.75
Background Check $41.45

$30.75 application fee during the evened numbered years (May through October) → License is issued within 180 days of renewal.

License Renewal

Timely $123 Renewed Online or Paper Application  
Reinstatement $158 or $65.75 (May-Oct) About 3-4 Weeks Upon Completing all Documents

Temporary License Processing

It takes approximately 2 weeks to receive a temporary license in Nebraska after the board has received all necessary documents and the license will last for up to 60 days (must not have any prior convictions or disciplinary action to obtain).

A temporary license is issued pending the board receiving either the results of the CBC or official transcripts from nursing school. You must have graduated within the previous 2 years or have practiced a minimum of 500 hours within the previous 5 years of employment.

Completed Application Yes Yes
Proof/Verification of Original State license No Yes
Verification of All Licenses Held No Yes
Transcripts – Sent Directly from Nursing School to the Board Yes Yes
Criminal Background Check Yes Yes

Temporary licenses are only issued while other required documents are being processed. There are additional steps that must be completed to receive a permanent license.  

Additional Information


Check for proper mailing address when sending in applications as it may differ from the physical address provided.

Contact Information & Mailing Address

Nebraska State Board of Nursing
301 Centennial Mall South
Lincoln, NE  68509

Phone: 402-471-4376

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