How to Get Your Arkansas Nursing License | Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) State

License by Endorsement




Temporary License


License Renewal

Link to Online Renewal



$75 (Active within  24 hours if renewed online)

Expired (5 Years)

$25 (2 weeks for all hard copy applications)

Temporary License Processing

It takes approximately 2 weeks to receive a temporary license in Arizona and the license will last for up to 6 months (must not have any prior convictions or disciplinary action to obtain).

Licenses are not issued on a walk-in basis.

Completed Online Application Yes Yes
Proof/Verification of Original State license No Yes
Copy/Verification of Current License Yes No
Completed Fingerprint Card (from ASBN) No Yes

Temporary licenses are only issued while other required documents are being processed. There are additional steps that must be completed to receive a permanent license.

Additional Information

Nurses may renew their licenses online in Arkansas as long as the old license has expired within 5 years and the primary state of residence is not a compact state.


Nurses looking to reinstate with licenses that are more than 5 years expired while also having a primary residence in a compact state must hand mail in a request to the Arkansas Board of Nursing for paper renewal (must include a self-addressed and stamped envelope).

Check for proper mailing address when sending in applications as it may differ from the physical address provided.

Contact Information & Mailing Address

Arkansas State Board of Nursing
University Tower Bldg.
1123 South University
Suite 800
Little Rock, Arkansas 72204

Phone: 501-686-2700

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