How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day as a Travel Nurse

While on a travel assignment, you might not be able to celebrate holidays the way you are used to but that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate. Valentine’s day is here and it is the perfect way to show your love to family, friends, and even yourself.  

Check out some ways you can celebrate all the love this year.  

Make A Date with Yourself 

Dates do not always have to be with a significant other, or anyone else at all. If you are currently traveling alone, plan a date with yourself for Valentine’s Day. The best part about a date with yourself is that you get to do exactly what you want to do. Pick a new restaurant to try, or maybe have a night in with a bath and a book. The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood was a top-rated book in 2021 and it’s the perfect romance book for your V-day!  

Send Some Snail Mail 

Remember putting a little valentine in everyone’s homemade box in elementary school? Take this opportunity to bring the tradition back and mail valentines to friends and family members you haven’t seen while on your assignment. It is the perfect holiday to let them know how much you love them with a surprise in the mail.  

If you are sending any cards to other nurses in your life, check out these cute medical-themed cards on Etsy!  

Make a Virtual Date 

If you are celebrating with a long-distance significant other this Valentine’s Day, try to plan a FaceTime date ahead of time to ensure you can spend quality time together.  You could order the same dinner or even take a virtual cooking class to make dinner together! Dedicate the night to reconnecting with each other and enjoy the company, albeit virtual.  

If you aren’t celebrating with a significant other, celebrate with a friend or family member! You can have a FaceTime date to reconnect and spread the love this holiday.   

Wear Red 

…Or pink! If you are working a shift this Valentine’s Day, day or night, celebrate by wearing red or pink scrubs and give your patients a little extra love. You already know how hard it can be for your patients in the hospital, so brighten their day with a smile and cheer, or even celebrate with some homemade treats to surprise your patients.   

Treat Yourself  

Is there something you have had your eyes on for a few months? Treat yourself and get yourself that gift. Maybe it’s this cute underscrub from FIGS! You are working hard to help others every day and deserve to feel some love from yourself, too!  


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