How to Become a Nurse Leader

GIFTED Healthcare‘s CEO, PK Scheerle, is a registered nurse who lives by the motto, “Always be CEO of self.” Her advice is a simple but meaningful nugget of wisdom that highlights the value in self-management, a commitment to excellence, and professionalism.

You don’t need to be a Chief Nursing Officer or hold a management position to be a nurse leader. Leadership has much more to do with your actions than the title you hold, and nurse leaders exist at all levels of an organization.

We’ve made a list of ways to inspire and motivate your coworkers as you become a successful nurse leader.

Dress and Act Professionally

The reality is that professionalism counts. If you want others to take notice of your professional skills and strengths, make sure they aren’t distracted by the way you present yourself.

Dress and act in a way that makes you a good representative of your organization. People will notice.

Support Your Coworkers

True leaders act in the interest of their organization, not themselves. Never take individual credit for team success, always be willing to lend a helpful hand, and show respect for the people around you.

Unsupportive behavior causes poor communication and destructive workplace politics. These things put patients at risk and divert your organization away from its ultimate purpose.

Stay Educated

Leaders learn from their mistakes and never miss an opportunity to educate themselves. Strive to remain in-the-know about healthcare policy and new developments in your field or certification.

If you are generous and helpful with your knowledge, you’ll build trust with coworkers and become someone they can rely on for important information.

Get Involved

Always be willing to volunteer for task forces and problem-solving committees. Your desire to play an integral role in your organization’s processes will show that you are invested in its well-being.

Dedicate Yourself to Excellence

Lead by example and never cut corners. By dedicating yourself to excellent work, even when it’s not completely necessary, you’ll develop good habits that will come in handy as you advance in your career.

When you make excellence a priority, you also raise the bar for your coworkers. An effective leader motivates coworkers to hold themselves to a higher standard.

Be Accountable: Own Your Mistakes and Learn from Them

True accountability is shown with actions, not words. The first step in accountability is to own your mistakes. Leaders must possess the humility to admit their errors.

However, a person isn’t truly accountable until they engage in the process of learning from their mistakes. An insincere leader risks losing the loyalty of his or her team.

Develop Emotional Intelligence

A good nurse leader is capable of compassionately managing their coworkers’ wide range of personality types simultaneously. Emotionally intelligent leaders handle their team’s emotional challenges in a way that maximizes harmony and cooperation.

Finding a nurse mentor with significant clinical experience can be a helpful resource for developing emotional intelligence.

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