Happy Medical-Surgical Nurses Week 2021

Happy Medical-Surgical Nurses Week! MedSurg Nurses Week, celebrated from November 7 – 14, is reserved to celebrate the heroic contributions of medical-surgical nurses everywhere.

Medical-Surgical or MedSurg nursing is the largest and fastest-growing nursing specialty in the United States. MedSurg nurses work in hospitals, surgical centers, clinics, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities to provide care for patients with a variety of medical issues or who are recovering from surgeries and procedures.

MedSurg nurses are everywhere, and they’re some of the hardest-working individuals around.

Happy MedSurg Nurses Week

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GIFTED Healthcare supports the work of hundreds of MedSurg RNs across the country. Check out these GIFTED Spotlight features on GIFTED RNs with MedSurg experience:

MedSurg Nurses Are Prepared for Anything

On any given shift, a MedSurg nurse could care for a patient suffering from an animal bite, a patient with diabetes, a patient recovering from a transplant, and a patient with asthma. MedSurg nurses also may carry a heavier patient load than other specialties, often handling 5-7 patients at a time.

MedSurg RNs have to be ready for anything clinically, physically, and emotionally. They are trained to recognize and understand a large range of medical conditions. In addition, they must display compassion for their patients through it all. In fact, some medical-surgical nurses say that providing compassionate care for patients is their biggest motivator.

Check out this great example of a day in the life of a medical-surgical nurse from the University of Buffalo School of Nursing.

Medical-Surgical Nurses Are Unique

In 2014, the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses assembled a task force to create an official description of the “distinguishing characteristics of medical-surgical nursing.” Their eloquent definition of the work of the MedSurg nurse is:

Medical-surgical nursing is the single largest nursing specialty in the United States and beyond. Medical-surgical nurses provide care to adults with a variety of medical issues or who are preparing for/recovering from surgery. They have a broad knowledge base and are experts in their practice. Medical-surgical nurses have advanced organizational, prioritization, assessment and communication skills and are leaders in coordinating care among the interprofessional health care team.

Medical-surgical nursing is practiced in several settings across the health care industry, including hospitals, outpatient settings, in homes, via telemedicine and other non-traditional settings. The specialty of medical-surgical nursing happens in almost every care environment because medical-surgical nursing is what you practice, not where.

Medical-surgical RN responsibilities include:

  • Daily post-surgical and pre-surgical patient assessments
  • Coordination of patient care procedures and plans
  • Continuous evaluation of patients’ health status
  • Display extensive knowledge in many areas of patient focus and be able to care for many patients with compassion

In a medical-surgical unit, nurses are required to perform a variety of duties including:

  • Insert foley catheters
  • Start IVs
  • Change and dress wounds
  • Administer medications
  • Complete charting duties

Medical-Surgical Nurses Make a Difference in the World

Medical-surgical nurses make a difference in the lives of patients, patients’ families, and their communities. Their contributions reach far beyond the bedside. According to the Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Board, these are some of the many ways that the work of MedSurg nurses affect healthcare and the world:

  • MedSurg nurses work together to build the profession of nursing and the medical-surgical nursing specialty
  • MedSurg nurses mentor and nurture each other
  • MedSurg nurses advocate for patients and families at the local and national scale
  • Medsurg nurses serve their communities through care and education
  • Medsurg nurses improve patient care through evidence-based practice and the promotion of medical-surgical nursing certification
  • MedSurg nurses speak, write, and conduct research to inspire and educate other healthcare professionals and beyond

Join the Medical-Surgical Nurses Week Celebration with GIFTED Healthcare

This week, join GIFTED Healthcare as we celebrate the heroic work of MedSurg nurses. When posting on social media, use the hashtags #GoGoGIFTED and #MSNW21 for a chance to be featured on our official social media pages.

A BIG THANKS to all the amazing MedSurg RNs providing high-quality, compassionate care for patients in need!


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