GIFTED Spotlight: Lisa Osiek, RN

Happy Nurses Week! To celebrate, GIFTED Healthcare is spotlighting five of our incredible and inspiring nurses. Read on to check out today’s spotlight, Lisa Osiek, RN, from Layton, Utah.  

Early Career 

From the age of six, Lisa was playing with a doctor’s kit and dreamed of the day she would be able to help her own real-life patients all by herself. This dream drove Lisa to earn her CNA while still in high school and begin her career at a young age.  

“I became a patient advocate right then and there,” Lisa said as she reflected on her time as a Certified Nurse Assistant. “You do a lot of the labor work as a CNA and it teaches you more compassion.”  

Seven years later, while working as a medic in the military, Lisa became an LPN. She went on to work as a corrections LPN at a jail in Utah where she met her current husband. Lisa’s husband was a corrections officer at the same facility, and she thanks her passion for patient care for bringing them together. Lisa already had two children from her previous marriage, but her husband adopted Lisa’s girls and they then had two boys together. The family just celebrated the 27th anniversary of the daughters’ adoption as a family of six.  

Back to School 

Lisa and her husband had four kids together and were busy raising a family and juggling their careers at the same time for many years. It wasn’t until around 2005 and 2006 that Lisa was inspired to make her dreams come true and go back to school to become a Registered Nurse.  

In 2005, Lisa tragically lost her brother and then her father just 26 days later, both unexpectedly.  Through grief and healing, Lisa put one foot in front of the other and continued to show up for her patients. Then, in 2006, Lisa’s first grandchild was born, and she finally decided her time to become an RN was right then and there.  

Lisa graduated in December 2009 and has worked in various specialties from MedSurg, Psych, Hospice, Home Health, and as full-time Float, but most recently has been working as a Clinic RN. She is currently on a travel assignment on a reservation in Lame Deer, Montana, and has worked her schedule out to visit her family at home every two to three weeks.   

When at home, Lisa spends time with her husband, four children, seven grandchildren, and her horses and dogs. Horse therapy helps Lisa relax when she is not at the hospital, especially after a long shift.   

Why Nursing? 

One patient of Lisa’s was a young man with two wishes: having a big birthday party, and seeing his mother, whom he had not seen since he was a child. Unfortunately, his mother passed away before that could happen and when his life came to an end, Lisa was by his side. 

“I was sitting next to him, and he was struggling to let go. I don’t know what it was, but something clicked, and I said, ‘it is time for your birthday party. Your mom is waiting for you at your birthday party,’” Lisa emotionally shared. “He got this smile that came on his face that was so big and he said, ‘I see it. I see mamma. I’m coming mamma.’”  

“He took two more breaths and then passed on. That’s why I am a nurse. When I can give a little joy, that is what it’s about.” 

The Ideal Nurse 

We ended our interview by asking Lisa to share her personal opinion on the qualities that make an RN great.  

“My voicemail for the past 16 years has been my favorite quote – ‘The difference between good and great is just a little extra effort. So think about that and in the meantime have a great day.’ To me, it is what you make your day. If you want to be a great nurse, you’ll be a great nurse. My little reminder is always follow up and follow through because you are only as good as your own word.”  

Celebrate Nurses Week with GIFTED  

Clinicians make a difference, and we want to celebrate their strength during the month of May. GIFTED Healthcare is highlighting the strength of our clinicians and the difference they make every day on our blog and social channels.  

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