GIFTED Spotlight: Janessa Simpson, RN

We are always proud to share the inspiring stories of our GIFTED nurses, and today we are featuring Janessa Simpson, RN, in our GIFTED Spotlight series.  

Janessa is currently working as a Labor and Delivery Nurse in Montana on her second contract with GIFTED in her three years as a nurse. Read on to hear more about what nursing means to her.    

Why Nursing? 

Growing up, Janessa watched family members battle illnesses and spend time in and out of the hospital. Her grandfather had diabetes and her parents took care of his medical needs when his health conditions began to worsen. Later in life, her father became ill and had dozens of surgeries, and her grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  

“Hospitals became a big part of my life,” said Janessa. “I watched my family’s experiences with medical staff and learned a lot about why I wanted to be a nurse.” 

These experiences as a child inspired Janessa to become a nurse in 2019. Janessa first became a CNA in 2010, an LVN in 2013, and then began working on an L&D floor after graduating from nursing school in 2020.  

 “When I was growing up, not all experiences at the hospital were good and those are the ones I have held onto. Those are the moments that I learned the ways I didn’t want to be as a nurse and inspired me the way I strive to treat my patients today.”  

“I want to turn the bad experiences people had in my life into better experiences for others,” continued Janessa. 

Working With Babies  

After time spent on Tele, Medsurg, Hospice, and Geriatric floors, in three different hospitals and various clinics, Janessa found her love for nursing on the L&D floor. She enjoys being there for women as they prepare for the birthing experience and works to make sure that they are comfortable and feel safe throughout the process. 

“I love to crack jokes and act a little silly when patients are in early labor to make the patients comfortable and get them to open up to me,” said Janessa. “If a patient is smiling through contractions, that is the experience I want them to have while going through the birthing experience.” 

“I helped one mom in labor I won’t forget. She was too scared to have a c-section and I promised her we would do everything we could to make this birth better than her first. Once her baby was on her chest, she just looked at me and repeatedly thanked me.”  

Janessa’s Motivation  

When discussing the difficult parts of working as an RN, Janessa said “It’s the days that you sit there and cry with your patients. I’ve stayed with the families of patients after their family member has passed away. I’ve talked mothers through contractions and watched them hold their children for the first time. Those are the moments that I live for. Being there for patients’ worst times and best times is what we do.” 

The Ideal Nurse  

We asked Janessa for her opinion on the ideal qualities of a nurse and to her, compassion is the most important.  

“Burnout is a major thing in the medical field but taking time for my own mental health helps me keep that compassion for patients,” said Janessa. “I always want to put my patients first and keep compassion front and center as I treat them the way I would want my loved ones to be treated.” 

What’s Next?   

Janessa enjoys working as a travel nurse because of the opportunity to learn new things from different facilities and nurses, and also has a lot of fun as a nurse traveling from the south.  

“When I’ve done travel assignments up north, everyone will poke a little fun at my accent,” said Janessa. “But I love experiencing new cultures and meeting new people in other cities along the way.” 

Janessa has enjoyed her contract in Montana and extended it to stay at her current facility and continue working in Labor and Delivery.  

Advance Your Nursing Career with GIFTED  

It’s our mission to support nurses and healthcare professionals by giving them the opportunities and resources they need to thrive. Begin your adventure today with GIFTED Healthcare! 

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