GIFTED Spotlight: Emmanuel Paron

We believe that behind every nurse, there’s a fascinating story of dedication and compassion. Every month, we place one of these stories in the GIFTED Spotlight, introducing the world to another wonderful travel nurse.

Today’s GIFTED Spotlight highlights Emmanuel “Manny” Paron, a veteran RN that recently joined GIFTED to embark on his first travel nursing adventure.

Read on to learn about Manny’s international nursing journey, his early inspiration to become a nurse, and his incredible commitment to taking care of those in need.

Early Life and Inspiration

Emmanuel “Manny” Paron was born in the Philippines to a family of humble means; his father was a farmer and a tailor and his mother was a dressmaker. He recalled that his parents sacrificed their home so that he and his siblings could attend college. Manny and his family developed a close bond, which has remained close to this day.

Manny’s relationship with his family significantly contributed to his desire to become a nurse. Manny’s father was a diabetic and required continual care throughout his childhood, which led to Manny becoming his primary caretaker.

Eventually, Manny entered nursing school so he could learn how to provide better care for family members in need, graduating from Riverside College’s nursing school in the Phillippines in 1994. He honed his nursing skills in the Philippines for 9 years before beginning his nursing journey in the United States.

Manny Moves to the United States

In 2003, Manny was hired directly by Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. Manny recalls being excited and surprised by his surroundings upon his arrival. it was the first time he had ever visited the United States, and the first time he had ever seen snow:

“Staff members of the hospital actually picked me up from the airport. Seven inches of snow fell on the day that I arrived. We only see that in postcards in the Phillippines. I was so excited to send pictures to my family.”

Manny received a warm welcome from his coworkers, saying he was “embraced like family.” He worked at Sinai Hospital for 16 years, remaining loyal to his team and diligently expanding his nursing skillset. He remains friends with many of his original teammates to this day.

Family Ties

A short time after his arrival in the US, Manny received a call from home that his father had developed a vascular ulcer and was going to lose his leg to diabetes. However, Manny protested — he asked the physician to postpone the amputation and traveled back to the Philippines.

Upon his arrival, Manny controlled his father’s sugar intake and dressed his leg properly. In just two weeks, his father’s wound had healed. Manny’s nursing education saved his father’s leg.

When he returned to the United States, Manny once again used his experience with taking care of family to motivate his education, earning his certification in Wound Care.

Several years later, Manny’s father was diagnosed with cancer. Again, he returned to the Philippines to take care of him. This difficult situation led Manny to apply to the Oncology Unit at St. Joseph Medical Center, where he worked part-time in addition to his job at Sinai, earning his Chemotherapy/Biotherapy Certification.

Sadly, Manny’s father passed away in 2016 from a heart attack. In loving memory of his father, this led Manny to expand his skillset even further; he has worked in cardiology units studying Telemetry for the past five years.

Regarding his drive to become a better nurse, Manny said, “It’s always connected to taking care of my family.”

Manny says that his experience taking care of his family has given him an extra dimension of compassion with his patients.

Manny said, “When I take care of a patient, I always ask myself, ‘What if this was your father?’ It’s always about family.”

The Ideal Nurse

Manny told us many stories of his nursing experiences over the years. Throughout our conversation with him, one thing was constant. It is clear that Manny deeply cares about the wellbeing of others.

Manny also spoke of his reasons for being a nurse. It’s clear that he was deeply inspired by his connection to family, and that he considers nursing to be his life’s calling.

When we asked him to describe the qualities of an ideal nurse, Manny’s response was beautiful and effortless:

As nurses, we are just instruments of the love of God. When you take care of patients, many times they are in their worst moments – you take care of them no matter what.

The core of nursing is caring. When you care for somebody, you do everything you can to take care of them. It can be as simple as holding a patient’s hand.

You educate yourself, study more to become an expert, so that when a patient comes into the hospital you are as prepared as possible to take care of them.

What I believe is that the core of nursing is caring.

We are thrilled and honored to support Manny Paron during his first travel nursing journey. His nursing journey and philosophy of care is a shining example of how dedicated nurses are to providing excellent, high-quality care for those who need it most.

We look forward to Manny’s bright future, and we hope that he travels with GIFTED for years to come!

Manny Becomes a Travel Nurse with GIFTED Healthcare

When we spoke to Manny, he was about to begin his first-ever travel assignment as a COVID-19 frontline nurse in New Orleans, Louisiana. But Manny learned about GIFTED Healthcare four years ago, when a group of travel nurses joined his team in Baltimore.

“Out of all the agency nurses I met, the happiest nurses were GIFTED nurses,” he said. “When I decided to try travel nursing, GIFTED was the only place that I applied.”

Manny is looking forward to his trip. He sees his upcoming assignment as another opportunity to learn.

“I know it’s going to be different,” he said. “The culture will be different, the hospital will be different, but caring is caring.”

We can’t wait to hear about Manny’s first travel nursing assignment.

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