GIFTED Recruiters on Why They Love Supporting Nurses

We believe GIFTED Healthcare is a top travel nursing agency because our team is full of exceptional people. Team GIFTED shares a sense of purpose in providing excellent service for clinicians, and our workplace culture is built around our mission to support nurses in ways that will help them thrive. In fact, GIFTED Healthcare was recently recognized as one New Orleans’ “Best Places to Work” by New Orleans CityBusiness!

There is one group of people who are on the front lines of our mission: our recruiters! GIFTED recruiters provide guidance and support for travel nurses across the nation, working tirelessly to find them the fantastic assignments they’ve been looking for.

Hear From Our Recruiters About What Motivates Them

To find out what motivates our recruiters, we recently asked them a question: “What do you enjoy most about supporting nurses?” They spoke from the heart, and their answers did not disappoint.

Read on to hear from GIFTED Healthcare’s recruitment team on why they love helping nurses.

Beverly Bautista | New Orleans, LA

Helping people who help others is so rewarding. At GIFTED, I have the opportunity to help real heroes: nurses. I love forming genuine relationships with them, matching them with the right jobs, and helping them to grow their careers. For me, it’s all about connecting with, listening to, and supporting nurses. My ultimate goal is to make sure that nurses are happy, engaged, and professionally fulfilled. Being a nurse recruiter is about being of service to those who serve others!



Quynhlynn Nguyen | New Orleans, LA

My favorite part about my job is being able to be someone my nurses can rely on throughout their nursing careers. I have nurses that I have genuine relationships with, even when they are not on assignment with me. It is so rewarding to be a part of someone’s life and to help them grow in their nursing careers. I have the joy of helping them find their dream assignments, giving them the opportunity to explore new states, and hear all about their journeys as they travel! I strive to make sure that my nurses are fully supported, especially since they are making an impact on patients’ lives every day.



Devon Anderson | New Orleans, LA

I love to help clinicians reach their professional goals. The nursing field offers boundless opportunities, and this is where an experienced recruiter is your best asset – nurse and recruiter working in tandem together, exploring both short and long term goals. Nurses touch lives each and every day, and I try to develop long-lasting partnerships that produce excellence for both nurse and patient.




Mary Turner | Dallas, TX

I love being a shoulder to lean on, an ear to vent to, and experiencing the joy of finding their dream job!





Georgette Wendt | New Orleans, LA

My favorite way to support nurses is giving them a space to share about their heroic work. I love leaving space for them to talk about their favorite parts of the job, patients that left a mark, and their relationship with their teammates.





Melinda Bear | Denver, CO

I love knowing that I’m helping them get to the next step in their career. The added bonus is that I am getting the best nurses to care for all the patients out there.





Michelle Ehrlich | Mandeville, LA

It’s all about building connections. My favorite thing about supporting my nurses is being there for them during the assignment, and being there as a friend or extension of  family when they are away from home. To provide a comforting voice and let them know there is someone they can reach out to makes my job very rewarding.




GIFTED Healthcare Named “Best Place to Work”

GIFTED Healthcare was recently recognized as one New Orleans’ “Best Places to Work” in 2020. If GIFTED is a great place to work for our team, it will be an even better place to work for nurses!

Are you looking for a way to accelerate your nursing career and achieve success on your terms? Learn more about GIFTED or apply now to join the GIFTED family!

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