GIFTED Healthcare’s Mullady Voelker Interviewed by StaffingHub

GIFTED Healthcare’s President of Strategic Growth Mullady Voelker recently appeared on The Staffing Show, a podcast created by staffing industry news organization StaffingHub. Caitlin Delohery, Editor in Chief of StaffingHub, spoke with Voelker about trauma-informed leadership, diversity and inclusion, and how to maintain hope during the stressful COVID-19 pandemic.

You can listen to the full conversation here.

GIFTED Healthcare Mullady Voelker

Credit: StaffingHub

Prior to joining Team GIFTED, Voelker earned a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Tulane University and specialized in treating families and children with PTSD and psychological trauma caused by Hurricane Katrina. Voelker discussed the ways in which these experiences informed her efforts to lead GIFTED Healthcare’s clinicians and teammates through the tough early months of the pandemic.

Voelker also recalled the early days of COVID-19, during which GIFTED’s leadership team was intently focused on the physical and psychological safety of its nurses and employees:

“I remember a pivotal point when our executive team was sitting around the virtual table at that point and looking at each other. The most concerning thing for all of us was the health and safety of the people that worked at GIFTED Healthcare, both physical and psychological. There are so many stories of people that work on the front lines or nurses that work on the front lines. That dedication and commitment to the patient in the bed — you can trace it back to the people sitting in the office or now sitting in their home, booking nurses or trying to recruit nurses to go out to the front lines. So the value system is kind of what we leaned on to hold our community and our organization together in the very beginning of this pandemic.”

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