GIFTED Healthcare Recognized by Staffing Industry Analysts in 2020

SIA Awards

GIFTED Healthcare is thrilled to announce it has been recognized by global experts Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) in five major categories in 2020: Fastest Growing US Staffing Firms, List of Diversity Firms, Largest US Travel Nurse Staffing FirmsLargest US Per Diem Nurse Staffing Firms, and Largest US Healthcare Staffing Firms.

Qualifying for the Fastest Growing Firms & Diversity Firms Lists

To qualify for the 2020 Fastest-Growing US Staffing Firms list, companies must have posted a minimum of $1 million in US revenue in 2015 and have had a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of at least 15% from 2015-2019.

This year’s List of Diversity Firms is comprised of 147 firms nationwide that are identified as having diversity ownership. GIFTED is also a women-owned business.

“SIA’s diversity-supplier list dates back over a decade, with a focus on heightening visibility for the list and for the ongoing conversation around diversity and inclusion in more recent years,” said Subadhra Sriram, Editor & Publisher, Media Products, at SIA. “But diversity and inclusion cannot remain just a conversation. The workforce solutions ecosystem must continue to address the racism and cultural bias that impacts the hiring process and the talent industry-wide. It is our hope that this list helps companies to support diversity and inclusion in business ownership and keeps a spotlight on the changes that are needed to advance more diverse and inclusive communities.”

GIFTED’s Unique Strategy

GIFTED’s approach to staffing is informed by the extensive clinical experience of our leadership and a company culture that is founded upon compassion, grit, and innovation. Our recruitment and partnering process prioritizes excellent working relationships between nurses and clients, helping nurses avoid burnout and healthcare institutions avoid high turnover rates.

GIFTED takes an individualized and comprehensive approach to its workforce solutions and takes pride in providing career opportunities that help nurses thrive.

Moving Forward

GIFTED Healthcare looks forward to continued growth and success. We thank all of our incredible nurses, clients, and teammates for their priceless contributions to our creative and compassionate workforce solutions.

The World Health Organization has declared 2020 the Year of the Nurse, and nurses are the most trusted of professions 18 years in a row according to Gallup. GIFTED nurses are patient advocates that display confidence, competence, compassion, dependability, dedication and intelligence. We are honored to support our nurses’ excellence.

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