GIFTED Healthcare Ranked a Top 20 Travel Nursing Agency by BluePipes

GIFTED Healthcare is excited to announce that it has been ranked #3 overall on BluePipes’ list of the Best Travel Nursing Companies in 2020! Our position at #3 marks a significant leap forward since last year, when GIFTED was listed at #13.

We are honored to be named one of BluePipes’ top 3 best travel nursing agencies, and we’re extremely grateful for all of the extraordinary clinicians and colleagues that contributed to this thrilling acknowledgment of our commitment to excellent service.

BluePipes is a professional networking and education resource for the healthcare community. Their mission is to simplify career management and employment onboarding by providing clinicians, travel nursing agencies, and healthcare systems with a platform for communication that’s designed to help solve the healthcare industry’s unique career-related challenges.

Speaking about this year’s list, BluePipes Co-Founder Kyle Schmidt said, “This year we aggregated over 79,000 reviews for over 320 travel nursing companies. The weighted average score for all 320+ agencies increased slightly this year to 78.19. This indicates that travel healthcare agencies deliver exceptional service relative to other industries. What’s more impressive is that the top 20 companies on our list have average scores that are equal to or greater than the most revered employers in the nation. Travel nurses are in good hands with this group.”


To determine their rankings, BluePipes aggregates reviews from several major travel nursing and professional networking websites such as Highway Hypodermics, Travel Nursing Central, Indeed, Glassdoor, Facebook, and Google. For the past year, GIFTED has routinely received excellent reviews for its service and support. For example, our score on Travel Nursing Central is consistently 98/100 or above!

A brief search through any of the resources listed above will reveal dozens of reviews like this one: 

As an RN, GIFTED Healthcare offers support and encouragement for me in providing the most reliable and effective care. They take time to appreciate me in the job that I do and they’re always available for my questions and concerns. I love working with this organization.”

Looking Forward

GIFTED will continue to uphold and exceed our high standards of service. We treasure each GIFTED clinician, and we are proud to support their heroic work!

Accelerate Your Nursing Career with GIFTED Healthcare

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