GIFTED Guide – Per Diem Nursing 101

“Per diem” is a Latin term that literally translates to “per day” or “for each day.” In the healthcare industry, a per diem nurse is a nurse that is hired on a day-to-day basis.

Per diem nursing is an effective staffing solution for clinicians and healthcare institutions. In this post, we will explain the basics of per diem nursing, and why so many nurses prefer to work on a per diem basis.

How Per Diem Nursing Works

Per diem nurses are used by facilities for staffing shortages or unusually high patient volumes. Facilities communicate their needs to agencies like GIFTED Healthcare, who then notify nurses about open shifts. Per diem nurses can choose to work for a variety of facilities or in different units at the same facility.

Per diem nurses are essentially “on-call.” They often take shifts on short notice and must be adaptable to different clinical settings.

Healthcare facilities use per diem nurses to reduce staff workload in times of need. When nurse to patient ratios are more balanced, patients receive better care and clinicians are less likely to experience burnout. Per diem nurses also allow healthcare facilities to plan for staff vacations and absences without hiring full-time replacements.

Why Per Diem?

Most nurses choose to work per diem for two main reasons: schedule flexibility and higher pay rates.

Per diem nurses can create their own schedules, accepting or denying shifts based on what suits them. They also have the freedom to choose where they want to work, which keeps them engaged and happy with their work environment. Additionally, per diem shifts are occasionally a gateway to full-time staff work, and nurses in search of a full-time position can make the most of their flexible schedules to learn where they prefer to practice.

Per diem nurses are expected to work on short notice with minimal training, which makes them highly valuable to medical facilities. For that reason, per diem nurses can earn more money per shift than staff nurses. Depending on how many shifts they commit to, per diem nurses may also receive full-time benefits.

Become a Per Diem Nurse Today with GIFTED Healthcare

Per diem nursing is a fantastic way to maintain a flexible schedule, earn more money, and gain valuable clinical experience in a wide range of healthcare facilities. GIFTED supports our nurses’ heroic work with staffing solutions that allow them to thrive.

Apply now to become part of the GIFTED Family today!

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