Frontline Travel Nursing: Questions to Ask Before Your Assignment

Healthcare heroes everywhere are working tirelessly to protect our nation from COVID-19. Many RNs accept assignments that take them far away from home, relying on travel nursing companies and recruiters to place them in situations they can trust.

As a travel nurse, there are certain questions to ask your recruiter to ensure that you will have everything you need while on assignment.

Read on for our list of questions to ask while looking for a frontline assignment.

Tips for Travel Nurses

Ask Your Recruiter About Their Company’s Culture

The culture of your travel nursing agency is crucial. Your recruiter’s answer to this question will help you understand what resources will be available to you if you ever need assistance. Does the agency prioritize nurses’ success? Do they offer clinical support from professionals that understand the nature of the work of the nurse?

GIFTED Healthcare offers 24/7 support from its Chief Nursing Officers. We believe it’s essential that nurses receive assistance from individuals that fully understand the nature of any clinical problem that might present itself, especially since the arrival of COVID-19.

Ask About Insurance & Benefits

Travel nursing companies’ insurance and benefits policies may vary widely, and it’s important to know exactly when your agency’s policy goes into effect. Ask your recruiter when your insurance becomes active and for your agency’s complete list of benefits.

GIFTED RNs receive a comprehensive list of benefits that put nurses first, including:

  • Day ONE health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Premium Pay – personalized pay packages that fit your needs
  • Access to premier facilities
  • Chief Nursing Officer available to you 24/7
  • Short-term disability and affordable life insurance
  • Career coaching and professional resources that help you reach your nursing goals
  • Generous referral bonuses
  • A unique personal touch – GIFTED recruiters and staff work hard to build personal relationships

Ask About COVID-19 Policies

While there are strict policies and practices in place at all facilities to protect staff from coronavirus, it’s important to plan ahead and prepare for everything.

Ask your recruiter about your agency’s policy on supporting RNs that are exposed to COVID-19.

GIFTED Healthcare is committed to taking care of nurses’ unique concerns during these unprecedented times, assessing their issues on a case-by-case basis. We remain in constant communication with frontline nurses to ensure that their needs are met.

Ask About Your Assignment: References, Clinical Environment

Try to gather as much information as possible about any potential assignment. Has your agency ever placed an RN in the facility before? If so, ask to be connected with them so that you can learn about the clinical environment.

Since the arrival of COVID-19, the environments of many hospitals and healthcare facilities have changed dramatically. Staffing shortages or spikes in patient census have forced many facilities to embrace a “new normal,” and speaking to an RN who is familiar with these new standard operating procedures will be extremely helpful.

If you enter your assignment prepared from the start, you will be appreciated by both coworkers and patients.

Ask to Speak to the Facility

Ask your recruiter if they have a contact with the facility. The best way to prepare for an assignment is to speak directly with the facility where you will be working.

GIFTED Healthcare maintains direct communication with all of the facilities where we place RNs. Before a nurse starts a frontline assignment, our team ensures that they are emotionally and clinically prepared to succeed.

Ask About Access to Your Recruiter During Your Assignment

Understanding the level of support you’ll receive from your travel nursing agency after your assignment begins is essential. Ask your recruiter about your level of access and communication while you are working.

At GIFTED Healthcare, your relationship with your recruiter does not end once your assignment begins. Our team maintains personal relationships with nurses built on trust and compassion, and your GIFTED recruiter will stick by your side throughout your assignment to assist you with anything you may need.

Let GIFTED Help You Thrive in Your Nursing Career

It’s our mission to support nurses and healthcare professionals by giving them the opportunities and resources they need to thrive.

Begin your adventure today with GIFTED Healthcare!

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