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Imagine joining a team that is as passionate about your experience and nurse career as you are.

Gifted Healthcare knows understands your needs when it comes to your career as a nurse — and we deliver it. Respecting and cultivating the skills and enthusiasm of top nurses and caregivers are the foundation of our company. We start by valuing your education, experience, and professional needs and wants. We listen to your aspirations. We serve as your advocate and help match you with patient care opportunities that are the perfect fit. We offer excellent benefits, competitive salaries, and scheduling that meets your needs. As you gain experience, you can grow and develop in an atmosphere of support and encouragement that helps you fulfill every potential you possess.

If you seek challenges and want to work with a company that’s smart, caring and personal, GIFTED Healthcare is right for you. The training and support you receive are unmatched, and there’s a nurse on call 24/7 to respond to your concerns and clinical questions.

Below are the type of nurse jobs we offer:

Crisis Contracts | COVID-19 Response 

The unprecedented COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve. In some areas, hospitals are experiencing a shortage of core staff due to the surge in the census or the required quarantine of staff members who have been exposed. In some cases, hospitals are offering increased rates to ensure their urgent staff needs are met.

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Per Diem Nursing Shifts 

Want to work when you want? We can make it happen. Per Diem opportunities close to your home give you the freedom and flexibility to work on your own schedule and earn full-time benefits for part-time hours.

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Travel Nursing Jobs

Wherever you want to practice, we can take you there! Travel opportunities for nurses allow you to experience new places, meet interesting people, expand your skills, and feel the freedom of the open road.

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LTAC Nursing

GIFTED is the only company who specializes in the unique talents of the LTAC Nurse. We provide rewarding and top-paying LTAC travel nursing, local contract nursing and per diem nursing opportunities across the country.

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Government Nursing

Boost your nursing resume and work anywhere in the U.S. with your current state nursing license with GIFTED Government Nursing contracts.

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Infusion Nursing

Infusion nursing is an exciting, rewarding, and flexible career choice for nurses interested in working in a one-on-one patient care setting or who want to supplement full-time work.

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Direct Hire

Matching you with the rewarding opportunity you seek! Gifted Healthcare, with its extensive network, has access to a wide range of excellent positions for nurses and allied health professionals.

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Nursing Jobs That Will Take You Places

As you can see, GIFTED Healthcare offers an array of nurse job opportunities. Being a travel nurse, per diem nurse, local contract nurse, or infusion nurse with one of the best travel nurse companies gives you the growth and flexibility you seek in your nursing career. We are nurses and have a deep understanding of every aspect of the work that you do. That is why we provide nurses with an excellent nursing opportunity that allows them to be in full control of their career, based on their unique needs, lifestyle, and career goals.

With GIFTED Healthcare, you can guarantee your nursing career will be the most rewarding. You will be able to travel to places you want to and work in the types of hospital settings you seek. Our array of nursing jobs also guarantee that you will be able to gain more skills and experience that put you on the radar of many medical facilities. Being a nurse is a very rewarding job, and we strive to make it even more rewarding here at GIFTED Healthcare. With us, you don’t have to sacrifice a lot of time just to get the work done. You will still have the luxury of time for yourself and for your loved ones while doing what you love to do.

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