Destination Spotlight: Des Moines, Iowa

Have you explored Des Moines, Iowa? GIFTED has both travel and local contract opportunities in Des Moines and this city is bucket list material with its popular restaurant scene, trendy Farmer’s Markets, and growing downtown life. 

This GIFTED Destination Spotlight highlights some of the exciting places to experience and explore while living in Des Moines.  

City Living 

Being the capital city of Iowa, Des Moines is relatively cosmopolitan, with a busy that has a hip, quirky, and playful energy. Downtown is populated by chic cocktail bars, modern cafes, trendy boutiques, sculpture gardens, and so much more! It has a Midwest charm that meets big-city vibes and tourists have been loving it!  

In 2018 actually, Des Moines was named the “#4 Best Places to Live in the US” by U.S. News, so you already know you will love living in the city.  

Food Scene  

Des Moines culinary scene is incredibly advanced, with sleek, stylish restaurants and so many of them use local products. One popular part of town for anyone looking for a bite to eat is Ingersoll Avenue. 

Ingersoll Avenue has been attracting foodies for years with classic Des Moines restaurants like Jesse’s Embers, Noah’s Ark, and Ted’s Coney Island. Brian Taylor Carlson, a food and dining reporter even said, “Ingersoll Avenue is what we call restaurant row. You pretty much stand in one place, close your eyes and point.”  

Among this row of restaurants is Eatery A, a local hot spot that holds a bit of Des Moines’ history. The restaurant is located inside a former Blockbuster Video, (oh the nostalgia for any 90’s kids), that then headquartered Obama’s 2012 campaign. The movie rental afterglow permeates the air while diners indulge on some Mediterranean food.  

Fun fact about Iowa: the state has more cattle than people, and more than 200,000 of them are milk cows. Their byproducts are big for local restaurants, especially Cheese Bar. This place is full of fondue, raclette, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, and even just platters full of cheese and meat produced locally. Stop by her and then head over to their sister restaurant, Cheese Shop for some take-home goodies. 

After checking out some food spots, add in a pit stop to quench your thirst. From specialty coffee shops to family-owned microbreweries and eclectic cocktail bars, you have plenty of options while in Des Moines. Hello Marjorie, just about five minutes from Ingersoll Avenue, is known for its fancy cocktail and vintage décor lounge vibes. Confluence, 515, and Lua are some of the top spots if you are on the hunt for a local brewery!  

Farm To Table 

While Des Moines is famous for being the capital of Iowa, it is also famous for its Downtown Farmer’s Market. You can learn a lot about this city while at the farmer’s market – discover what’s grown locally, who the farmers are, and the goods that Des Moines is known for.  

The Des Moines Downtown Farmers Market houses over 300 vendors from across the state of Iowa and gets over 25,000 visitors to attend every Saturday starting in May and going through October! You’ll find everything from Iowa-raised meat to fresh flowers and even seasonal candles.  

While you are downtown, check out the Sculpture Garden. It is fun for a post farmer’s market walk around and view of the art. With more than two dozen sculptures, you can explore for a nice afternoon in the sun. Check out all that the park has to offer.  

Work In Des Moines With GIFTED 

On top of everything Des Moines has to offer, GIFTED works with incredible facilities that will advance your nursing career. Connect with a recruiter and learn more about what Des Moines could offer you!

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