Healthcare responders come first

Every day, GIFTED clinicians work tirelessly to serve their communities. In a crisis, they heroically accept their role at the front lines of patient care.

GIFTED is working with healthcare facilities across the nation to ensure that they can safely and effectively respond to COVID-19. Our top priority is the health and safety of our clinicians and their communities.

We regularly communicate with healthcare facilities to make sure they’re doing everything they can to keep you safe. You are the backbone of the American healthcare system, and we need you now more than ever.

The unprecedented COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve. In some areas, hospitals are experiencing a shortage of core staff due to the surge in the census or the required quarantine of staff members who have been exposed. In some cases, hospitals are offering increased rates to ensure their urgent staff needs are met.

If you are interested in a crisis response position, please call your recruiter, fill out the application below or email us now.

We continue to have needs across the country that are not at the forefront of the COVID-19 crisis. We remain dedicated to placing you in a contract that meets your needs.

GIFTED is currently working day and night to remain available for clinicians interested in joining the effort to mitigate our nation’s public health crisis. Let’s work together to grow our GIFTED team while battling COVID-19. If you would like to refer a clinician, click here.

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