Travel Nurse Stories, Resources, and Tips

Travel Nurse Stories, Resources,
and Tips

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Welcome to GIFTED’s revamped site! Don’t worry, we are still the same company you know and trust, we just decided it was time for a glow-up.

Travel Nursing

Our Travel Nursing page is the first stop for you to learn more about Travel Nursing opportunities with GIFTED. The page has reviews from GIFTED RNs as well as an FAQ section to answer any questions you may have.

Local & PRN

Assignments Per Diem Nursing is where GIFTED first began. It is our specialty and we regularly have top per diem nursing shifts and convenient local contract nursing opportunities that will fit your lifestyle and meet you where you are. This page also has clinician reviews and FAQs to explore.

Job Board

As you explore our new site, there are some features that will streamline your experience. We refreshed our job board with easy-to-spot detail icons and the ability to refine your search on the left-hand side to really close in on the jobs that will advance your career, including filters for travel, per diem, government, or local contracts.

As you click through to jobs that meet your career goals, you will find more details about the facility, our benefits, and be able to directly submit your short app.

Job Board


For those looking to work in a school setting, head to our School-Based page. Our recruiters work with a wide variety of specialists including speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and more. The goal is to successfully match school-based professionals and specialists with locations and schools that best suit their vision.

Chat & Clinician Support

The new website also has a chatbot feature to give you immediate assistance with questions. The new chat feature will be able to direct you to the right place based on your needs and/or questions.

Corporate Careers

Along with the new site comes a Corporate Careers page for non-clinician opportunities with our company. At GIFTED corporate, we get to impact healthcare in our own way every day, and that’s only one of the many gifts of working at GIFTED. Check out why we love working at GIFTED here.

Corporate Careers Page

Current Clinicians

If you are already a working clinician with GIFTED Healthcare, don’t worry! The workforce portal and resources you need are still accessible in the top right-hand corner of our home page for whenever you need them.

We Hope You Enjoy!

This new website was made with you in mind. At GIFTED, we strive to utilize technology to enhance your experience. Check out our new home page now to get started.

Thank you for being GIFTED