Celebrating the Nurses of Heart Health Month

February is American Heart Month and at GIFTED, we want to take this time to highlight some of our healthcare heroes that do all they can to help the hearts of their communities! 

Nurses are prepared to serve as health coaches, helping patients prevent heart risk by making positive changes such as diet improvement, reducing stress, quitting smoking, and adding exercise to their day. Some nurses specialize in cardiac fields that help patients who face heart problems. These nurses are equipped with the knowledge, skillset, and tools they need to deliver the care to positively impact patient outcomes. Check out some of these specialties as we thank those nurses this month! 


Cardiac Cath Lab Nurse 

A Cath Lab Nurse is one cardiac specialty that provides care to patients during the post-catheterization recovery period. These labs use imaging equipment that is designed to monitor the heart’s arteries. This equipment ensures that there is adequate blood flowing to and from the heart. 

Some procedures done in this lab include angiographies and hemodynamic studies. 

Cardiovascular ICU Nurse  

These nurses are proficient in reading heart monitors and electrocardiograms. They monitor vital signs as well as perform basic nursing care like turning patients, bathing, suctioning, and providing oral care. CVICU RNs prioritize care and juggle multiple tasks at once in their fast-paced unit.   

Cardiac Telemetry Nurse  

Telemetry Nurses monitor a patient’s vital signs with life sign-measuring devices— one typically being an electrocardiogram. Telemetry Nurses work in both hospitals and other clinical facilities to treat cardiac failure, gastrointestinal diseases, and other heart conditions. Their patients are most often geriatric, some have diabetes and others have acute diagnoses. 

These nurses work hard to care for their cardiac patients that have serious cardiac conditions that often face additional risk factors. 

Cardiac Care Nurse 

A Cardiac Care Nurse cares for patients with a variety of conditions. They are there for patients recovering from bypass surgery in the hospital. They also work with patients that have heart disease or coronary artery disease.  

Thank you, Cardiac Nurses! 

All of these nurses work hard to protect our hearts and dedicate their time to the well-being of their patients.  We cannot thank them enough for all that they do this Heart Health Awareness Month.  

If you are a nurse looking for more information on how you can continue to help your patients’ heart health, head to the Preventative Cardiovascular Nurse Association for resources.  


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