Building a Relationship with Your Travel Nurse Recruiter

Creating a relationship with your travel nurse recruiter is an essential part of finding great nursing assignments. GIFTED recruiters are experts at finding fantastic jobs, and they’re committed to supporting your nursing career based on your needs.

As you build trust and rapport with your recruiter, they will develop a better understanding of what you want in a contract. Whether you’ve already found the perfect assignment or you’re searching for a new job, staying in touch and being transparent with your agency provides many benefits.

Read on for a list of tips to help you build a great relationship with your recruiter.

Building a Relationship with Your Travel Nurse Recruiter

Be Prepared

Being organized is the best way to kick off a nurse-recruiter relationship. All travel nursing companies interview and screen their applicants, so preparing for your first conversation will increase your chances of getting a great assignment, fast. Make sure your records, license, and any other relevant documents are up to date, too.

But it’s also a two-way street.

According to GIFTED Recruiter Kate Twombly, a great recruiter plans ahead and stays organized, making sure that everything is taken care of in an orderly manner. Little details matter, big time.

Kate says, “Organization is really important. Recruiters’ to-do lists are made of a lot of little tasks rather than a few big tasks, and it’s important for them to stay on top of everything. That way, they can be fully informed and transparent when they speak with a nurse about their assignment options and pay packages. Every detail counts.” 

Open Communication

For those new to travel nursing, the process of finding an assignment can be tricky at first. But a great recruiter will make sure that everyone is on the same page, working together to find the assignment that aligns best with your needs.

That’s why it’s important to maintain an open line of communication with your recruiter. Let your recruiter know when and how you prefer to be contacted, and ask them about your level of access and communication while you are on assignment.

If you’re searching for a new assignment, don’t be afraid to check in with your recruiter every few days to get a status update. Ask if they have any new assignments and make sure your nurse profile is prepared and up-to-date.

Understanding the level of support you’ll receive from your travel nursing recruiter after your assignment begins is also essential. At GIFTED Healthcare, our recruiters maintain close communication and stick by your side throughout your assignment to assist you with anything you may need.

Transparency & Trust

Don’t be afraid to be honest with your recruiter! When you’re getting started, let them know your deal-breakers and deal-makers, and be transparent about exactly what you’re looking for.

During your assignment, always bring up any conflicts, worries, or concerns that may arise, no matter how small. The quicker an issue can be addressed, the more successful your assignment will be. Whether you’re searching for a contract or in the midst of an assignment, transparency will help you build trust with your recruiter. Their job is to find the best assignment for you, and you can help them do their job by being honest about your preferences.

Regarding transparency and trust in the nurse-recruiter relationship, GIFTED Recruiter Kate Twombly said, “The first thing I tell people to look for in a recruiter or an agency is one that you feel like you can trust. You should feel like your recruiter has your back at all times. A recruiter should take time to understand what is important to you as a nurse, what you’re looking for, as well as if you will succeed in a given clinical environment.”

A great recruiter will make sure that everyone is on the same page, working together to find the assignment that aligns best with a nurse’s needs.

Staying In Touch

Once you’ve locked down an assignment, stay in touch. As you work through your contract, your life circumstances or travel nursing preferences may change, so it’s good to maintain your relationship.

As your assignment comes to an end, let your recruiter know your status. Are you interested in another assignment? Taking a break? Typically, a good recruiter will reach out to ask you these things, but it’s useful to know your answers to these questions.

Maintaining your nurse-recruiter relationship will benefit you in the long run. As your relationship gets stronger, a great recruiter will provide you with real feedback on facilities, pay packages, and clinical environments, with an appreciation for the impact that any given assignment will have on your life.

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