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Travel Nurse Stories, Resources,
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Kelly Cobb Gifted Travel Nurse Feature

RN Spotlight: Kelly Cobb, MedSurg RN

Our nurses amaze us, and we love sharing their inspiring stories in our GIFTED Spotlight series. We recently sat down with a new GIFTED Nurse, Kelly Cobb, and learned about her first contract with GIFTED Healthcare.

Path To Nursing

Kelly graduated from the University of West Alabama with a degree in exercise physiology before realizing her passion was in nursing. She pivoted to start her career as an LPN, moved into a CNA role, and is now working as a MedSurg Travel RN.

“I’ve always wanted to be in healthcare and after graduating, I realized I wanted to specifically be in the hospital setting,” said Kelly. “I lost all four of my grandparents at a young age, so I was exposed to hospice and the hospital, and I wanted to help other people and their family’s going through the same situation.”

As she stepped into her career as a nurse in 2018, Kelly quickly realized that her background as an LPN and CNA was beneficial not just to her, but to her patients as well.

“I had a patient recently who had surgery and needed to receive a skin graft that I got really close with,” began Kelly. “I’m a nurse first but I’ve had CNA training too, so after I took care of him for a few days I started to help the aids with his baths, his dressings, and little things like that. You treat them like family because that’s how you would want to be treated.”

“I keep waiting to see him back here again to see how he is doing now. Hopefully, I will see him and his wife again someday.”

Travel Nursing

As a travel nurse, Kelly considers herself to be more of a homebody nurse as she works contracts around the southeast of the U.S., her favorite place to be.

The southern girl in her heart quickly fell in love with Sweetwater, TN when Kelly took her first travel nursing assignment with GIFTED Healthcare. Kelly has previously worked in other areas of Tennessee as well as Georgia and she loves the outdoor adventures the south has to offer.

“The south just feels like home to me. I am a big outdoors girl so not only do I have my nursing license, but I have my hunting license too. On my days off I am out there in the woods for hunting season or out by the water to fish,” said Kelly.

Next on Kelly’s destination list is Texas. It’s a little farther than she has previously traveled, but she knows her southern heart will fit right in with the Lone Star State.

Advance Your Nursing Career

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