Travel Nurse Stories, Resources, and Tips

Travel Nurse Stories, Resources,
and Tips

Nurses Week 2018: How you Inspire, Innovate and Influence

Sometimes the things that are most valuable in life go underappreciated. When you prepare food, how often do you think of all the resources that go into its cultivation? When you’re driving down the highway, do you consider all the individual labors that went into designing, clearing, and paving the roads? If you’re like most people, you’re probably occupied thinking about where you’re driving or if your meal is prepared the way you like. That’s why it is important to slow down and be mindful of what helps support our community.

National Nurses Week is a time to truly appreciate the role nurses play in helping people improve quality of life. This profession represents a group of compassionate individuals committed to quality caring. At GIFTED, we support nurses at every level, here’s how we see the themes of Nurses Week reflected in the most trusted professions of all, nursing.

Nurses Week’s 2018 theme is Inspire, Influence and Innovate. We wanted to share what this means to us.


 As a nurse-led company, we know first-hand how many roles nurses play in patient care. You work tirelessly to provide excellent care during difficult times. You’re the front line of healthcare providers. You see changes in patients and advocate for their needs. You communicate with multidisciplinary teams and serve as the hub in following through on care plans. You stay patient and ready to respond to crisis at a moment’s notice. You are truly an inspiration.

You do work that is inspirational.

GIFTED sees the value nurses create in healthcare settings. We believe in celebrating the caretakers and clinicians who work with us. We are perpetually blown away by the confidence, nurturing, dependability, and dedication shown in your stories.


Nursing doesn’t get enough credit for the amount of creative problem solving, quick and critical thinking skills that every shift requires. You decide the safest way to move patients, accommodating for unique mobility challenges. You prioritize seventeen different orders on five different patients. You are constantly analyzing and coming up with new and better ways to address or treat your patients. You always think outside the box, without even realizing it! You support your team members and go the extra mile to keep care and compassion as the primary focus.


As nurses you have a profound impact on every person you meet. You are recognized as the most ethical and honest profession by our country; you save, and change lives every day. You influence families and patients to have hope and to believe in you during some of the scariest times of their lives. At times, you even inspire careers, influencing the younger generation to follow in your footsteps.

Nurses create positive change every single day. RN’s across the nation have created programs that promote and protect breast-feeding vulnerable infants; assist the elderly to remain in their homes; improve caregiver skills; provide affordable and culturally sensitive community and family healthcare services; and strengthen parenting skills. All of these have improved people’s lives directly. While nurses may not get to see the results of these programs, patients and their families are grateful. In this way, nurses are cultivators of the future: you plant seeds you don’t get to see grow that provide for future generations to come.

“In the world of nursing, it is an eye-opening experience to come across a company where, as a nurse, I matter.” – Nikki

At GIFTED, we see opportunity in empowering our nurses with a vision that promotes excellence in a variety of settings. We view current healthcare challenges as an opportunity for solutions. GIFTED Healthcare is proud to help grow numbers of clinicians to deliver care that heals and touches lives. When we look at the community, there is a shortage of nurses as health care needs grow. We want to be the positive influence in field and focus on connecting our nurses where they are needed most. If you want to learn more about joining a team that values your skills, click here to explore opportunities that make a difference in the lives of patients.