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GIFTED's Core Values

GIFTED’s Core Values

GIFTED’s brand new values statement is derived from employees’ collective ideas and first-hand shared experiences while working with GIFTED Healthcare. Interdepartmental teams discussed and discovered the values that represent the company’s culture, mission, and vision, driving how each individual works every single day.  

What each team presented shared common themes, and from this, came the values that reflect our current culture at GIFTED and what we believe will drive us forward.  


We are a community of diverse and passionate individuals  

With more than 175 employees and thousands of clinical staff around the nation, GIFTED is comprised of employees from all different backgrounds and experiences. It is each individual’s diversity brought together that puts power behind our passion.  


We tackle challenges with resilience and grit 

Resilient clinicians are the backbone of the healthcare industry. The challenges we know our clinicians face inspire our staff to tap into our own resilience and grit, showing up and putting our clinicians first each and every day.  


We lead with empathy and compassion 

In a field where compassion and empathy make the difference, GIFTED keeps these at the forefront of our work.  


We empower collaboration through transparency and inclusivity  

Healthcare professionals treat their patients how they would treat their own families, so we treat our clinicians and clients as a part of our family too.  With transparent communication comes an inclusive environment.  


We are rooted in our energetic and fun heart.  

Fun has been a part of GIFTED’s culture from the very start – that’s why this original value has been selected as a part of our new values. The tradition of having fun and utilizing our positive energy lives on.