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GIFTED Healthcare is Great Recruiters Certified for the third year in a row

GIFTED is Great Recruiter Certified – Again!

For the third year in a row, GIFTED Healthcare has been officially named Great Recruiters Certified by Great Recruiters, a leading experience and reputation management platform that offers real-time reviews of recruiters and travel nursing companies from clinicians and healthcare facilities.

GIFTED’s mission is to elevate the human connection in the delivery of care and consistently deliver an outstanding experience to our clinicians. We are honored to have received exceptional reviews in support of our efforts. Our recruiters are committed to providing this experience through transparency and by offering a quick, simple process for our nurses.

How Does GIFTED Rank?

To be considered for this certification, recruiting firms must meet a set of criteria including an average Great Recruiters rating of 4.6 out of 5 or higher with at least 33% of the agency’s recruiting team achieving “Great Recruiter” status. We are proud to have reached this elite distinction and have received consistent reviews above the industry average. Out of over 6,200 reviews, 91% of our clinicians “highly recommend” GIFTED recruiters!

On a 5-star scale, GIFTED ranks well above other travel nursing agencies in all major categories:

  • Genuine: 4.82
  • Responsive: 4.74
  • Experienced: 4.81
  • Advisor: 4.75
  • Transparent: 4.77
  • Overall: 4.78

GIFTED Healthcare Is Committed to Excellent Service

GIFTED is committed to providing genuine, transparent, and trustworthy service for our clinicians, and our reviews on Great Recruiters reflect that. Hear what a few of our clinicians have to say:

“My Recruiter is incredible! She was so down to earth and easy to communicate with. She always responded in a timely manner and made sure that I had everything taken care of. She is kind, smart, motivated, and hard-working. Working with her has been such an amazing experience!” – Shelby J.

“My recruiter has gone above and beyond for me! She has reached out to me during my assignments on multiple occasions just to check in, has always remained transparent with me, and has kept my best interest as her priority.” – Alison S.

“My recruiter has been available every step of the way. His attention to detail is amazing. I would not want to travel with anyone else.” – Jessica B.

You can read more reviews on the official Great Recruiters website. Thank you to all our clinicians and partners for your continued support and thank you for being GIFTED!

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