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GIFTED Healthcare has been named a top travel nursing agency in 2022 by The Gypsy Nurse

GIFTED Healthcare Named a Best Travel Nurse Agency by Travel Nurses in 2022

The results are in from the travel nursing community! We are excited to announce that GIFTED Healthcare has been named a top travel nursing agency in 2022 by The Gypsy Nurse. GIFTED is the winner of two Gypsy Nurse Awards: and is a finalist in the three remaining Gypsy Nurse Award categories.


  • Best Assignment Concierge: highlights the agency with connections to high-quality hospitals in desirable geographic locations that do the best job of helping travel nurses find the ideal assignment.
  • Best Career Accelerator: highlights the agency with great on-the-job training and assignments that help travel nurses improve their skillset and develop further expertise in their areas of interest.


  • Best Overall Agency: highlights the agency with the highest score across all award areas: agency relationship, assignment/location, employment benefits, and career advancement.
  • Most Loyal Agency: highlights the agency with recruiters who are knowledgeable, responsive, and genuinely get to know travel nurses to make them feel a part of a family.
  • Most Traveler-Centric Benefits: highlights the agency with attractive financial and non-financial benefits, opportunities for furthering nurse education (e.g., CEUs and certifications), and a great overall compensation package.

The Gypsy Nurse Top Agencies Evaluation Survey is annually shared with The Gypsy Nurse community and is the most comprehensive travel nursing agency evaluation in the industry. This year’s survey was sent to thousands of travel nurses via a top independent market research firm to measure key performance areas that the community had indicated were most important to them when working with a travel nurse staffing firm.

GIFTED Healthcare Is Proud to Be Named a Top Travel Nursing Agency in 2022

GIFTED is honored to be named the Best Assignment Concierge and Best Career Accelerator in the travel nursing industry. We strive to develop trusting relationships with our clinicians, guide them through their careers, and match them with excellent assignments. These awards are a testament to our team’s dedication to providing exceptional service for nurses.

We are so proud to support our wonderful community of clinicians and travel RNs.

“Our team is always willing to go above and beyond to advocate for our clinicians’ best interests,” said Mullady Voelker, GIFTED Healthcare President of Strategic Growth. “To be recognized and honored by our nurses is a true testament to the work we do and how we prioritize the nurse experience.”

“We are focused on doing what our nurses need, and when we have the opportunity to see them take on the next step in their career, it is a really exciting moment in our relationship,” said Emily Ingraham, GIFTED Healthcare Recruiter.

GIFTED Is Dedicated to Providing Exceptional Nurse Support

These awards are preceded by being named to the Staffing Industry Analyst’s List of Fastest-Growing US Staffing Firms as well as being named among SIA’s Largest US Staffing Firms for 2022. GIFTED was also ranked among the City Business’ 2022 Best Places to Work New Orleans.

How We Can Help You

GIFTED Healthcare is an award-winning company that offers excellent career opportunities to clinicians and school-based professionals. GIFTED clinicians have access to thousands of Travel, Local, Per Diem, LTAC, Government, and School-Based assignments in premier healthcare facilities and school systems from coast to coast. We believe in the power one person has to make a difference, which inspires our mission to help clinicians and school-based professionals advance their careers by providing exceptional job opportunities, day-one benefits, and 24/7 support.

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We want to see you advance your career! If you are looking at finding your next Local or Travel contract, connect with a GIFTED Recruiter today.