7 Podcasts for Travel Nurses

In the past few years, podcasts have become a popular form of entertainment and education. The podcasting world has something for everyone, and travel nurses are no exception.

On a long drive to a travel nursing assignment? Doing chores around the house? Listening to podcasts is a great way to stay connected to the travel nursing community.

We’ve compiled a list of podcasts about a variety of travel nursing topics, from serious and technical to lighthearted fun.

Vintage Traveling Nurse

Started in 2019, The Vintage Traveling Nurse is a “first-class guide to becoming a travel nurse.” The podcast is hosted by a travel RN named Mynoucka that aims to tell the truth about all things travel nursing and offer advice on how to build a successful travel nursing career.

Whether you’re a new nurse grad looking to get started or a veteran RN with years of experience, this podcast is worth checking out.

Good Nurse Bad Nurse

Good Nurse Bad Nurse is a storytelling podcast hosted by a registered nurse. Each episode features an engaging story, some of which are “dark and mysterious,” and others that are “uplifting and inspirational.”

Care Made Critical

Care Made Critical was created in 2020, and offers “behind-the-scenes” stories from the perspective of an ICU travel nurse.

It has been listed on many “top travel nursing podcast” lists and is an honest look at the life of a travel RN in the ICU.

Behind the Scrubs: The Travel Nurse Experience

Behind the Scrubs aims to tell stories that are “educating, entertaining, inspiring, and motivating.” Their guests are traveling clinicians and healthcare industry experts like recruiters and CEOs.

Check out this podcast for a comprehensive look at the industry.

Travel Insiders

Travel Insiders is hosted by Mark Holloway, an individual with over two decades of experience as a CEO of a travel nurse agency. Travel Insiders promises to provide “100% transparency about the travel industry,” giving you exclusive insider information that “you won’t get anywhere else.”

Episode topics include, “How to be a Great Traveler,” “Newbie Bootcamp,”Relationships on the Road,” “The Future of Healthcare,” and much more.

The Happy Traveler

Since 2019, The Happy Traveler has covered trending topics in travel nursing, healthcare, and healthcare staffing.

Episodes range from the basics (“The First Two Years of Travel Nursing”) to more complex topics like new technology in the travel nursing industry.

Don’t Stop RVing

Don’t Stop RVing is a fun podcast hosted by a travel nurse and travel sonographer living full time in their RV. They discuss “all things travel healthcare related.” In addition, they tell great stories about their RV experiences and travels around the United States.

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