6 Steps to Purpose


Here are 6 steps that will help you find and live your purpose.

1. Identify your purpose.

And write it down. Your purpose should be one-sentence and memorable—it is not a mission statement or company vision. A business purpose statement is defined as your corporate reason for being; why you do what you do.

– Disney’s purpose statement is “to make everyone happy”

– Nike’s is “to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world (and if you have a body you are an athlete)”.

When crafting your purpose statement first identify your organization’s impact on the lives of your customers and clients. According to this Harvard Business Review article “From Purpose to Impact,” by Nick Craig and Scott Snook, purpose is not what you do, it’s how you do your job and why—the strengths and passions you bring to the table no matter where you’re seated. Although you may express your purpose in different ways in different contexts, it’s what everyone close to you recognizes as uniquely you and would miss most if you were gone.

2. Be your purpose.

Once you have identified your purpose, put your purpose into action. Purpose-based leadership means being a good steward for you company by championing your purpose and exemplifying it every day.

3. Share your purpose.

This article from Entrepreneur.com suggests one of the best ways to nurture a shared sense of purpose and identity is to come up with one overarching theme that can inspire your team and get them to rally around your mission as a company. Having a shared purpose in the workplace is the groundwork for energizing and enabling culture.

Utilize your employee newsletters and company blog to constantly tell your company’s purpose. Sharing stories or information that demonstrate your why will ultimately result in employees and clients associating your purpose with your company.

4. Move your purpose.

Once you have launched your purpose move it from “rhetoric to results.” This Huffington Post article provides ten ways to bring your company to the next level through your purpose. Remember, when you are in the business of improving the lives of people monetary success will follow.

5. Reinforce your purpose.

Review your purpose regularly.  Acknowledge those who are aligning with your purpose and correct anyone who does not. Having your purpose in the handbook only will not cut it—lead by example, share successes and create traditions. By doing so your purpose will continue to shine.

6. Take your purpose wherever you go. 

Your business purpose should align with your life purpose. And, when it does you can make a high-impact that changes peoples lives and brings you great satisfaction and happiness.

We hope you will make 2016 a year of purpose.

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