5 Places to Find Hidden Gems in Pennsylvania

There’s so much to see in Pennsylvania while you’re on a travel nursing assignment. It is the birthplace of the U.S.A. and the home of many important moments in our nation’s history, including George Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River and the Battle of Gettysburg.

Pennsylvania’s popular attractions are fascinating. However, the state contains a wealth of unconventional places of interest that are just as unique. They range from strange and quirky to downright bizarre.

We’ve created a list of cities with hidden gems for nurses that prefer traveling off the beaten path. Read on to learn about these lesser-known but amazing attractions.

The shores of Lake Erie in Erie, PA. 


Floating peacefully on Lake Erie, the USS Niagara is one of two surviving ships from the War of 1812. It defended the shores of what is now Erie against British forces. The USS Niagara still actively sails, and if you’re lucky, you might be able to be one of its passengers!

A short drive away in the small town of Waterford lies another relic: a statue of George Washington in a British Military Uniform that commemorates the first US president’s early military career in Great Britain. The statue is the only of its kind.


Following General George Washington’s defeat at Brandywine Creek, the people of Philadelphia moved several artifacts out of the city to prevent their destruction by enemy forces.

The Liberty Bell was taken to the Zion Reformed Church in Allentown, where it was hidden under the floorboards and remained for 2 years. Today, a replica of the bell is on display in the original church building.

Nearby, in Bethlehem, you’ll find the Hoover-Mason Trestle. Once the internal railway of one of the biggest steel plants in America, it has been converted into a four-story public park.

The skyline of Wilkes-Barre, PA.


The downtown train station in Wilkes-Barre has a colorful history. The facility fell into disuse after the closure of the town’s mines and later reopened as a cocktail bar and club. It features bars, dance floors, and old train cars converted into hotel rooms.

Following its purchase by a local developer in 2016, the station is being restored to its original condition, with the surrounding development containing apartments, restaurants, and more.


The Reading Pagoda was built in 1908 to be the centerpiece of a luxury resort. Those plans fell through, but the structure proudly remains atop Mount Penn overlooking the town of Reading. The seven-story Japanese-inspired building is worth the trip, if only for the mystifying sight of a piece of ancient East-Asian architecture on top of a hill in Pennsylvania.

The Reading Pagoda in Pottstown, PA.


Danville is known for the Geisinger Medical Center, its lovely Historic and West Market Street Districts, and beautiful views of the Susquehanna River. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take a drive to the fascinating ghost town of Centralia, under which a mine fire has been burning continuously since 1962.

Find Hidden Gems in Pennsylvania with GIFTED Healthcare

Whether you’re looking for historic attractions, major cities, or an idyllic American countryside, Pennsylvania is the perfect state to work as a travel nurse. Join the GIFTED family today to begin your travel nursing adventure.

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