5 Packing Essentials for Every Travel Nurse Assignment

Heading out for a new or first-ever travel nursing assignment is filled with anticipation and excitement. You might spend a lot of time researching your new city, trying to find housing, exploring the adventures to fill your time off, and finalizing the details, but one of the most important ways to prepare for your move is to establish your packing essentials.

Some items just cannot be replaced, so you want to ensure that your packing list has all of your must-haves ready to go. Read on for a few tips to remember while packing and items to put on your list.

Climate-Specific Clothing

Are you traveling somewhere warm or cold? Somewhere with hiking trails or beaches? It is best to think through some of the activities you are hoping to do on your days off, so you ensure you have the proper clothes.

If your new travel location has beaches nearby, remember to bring a bathing suit and a couple of towels so you can relax by the water. For colder areas, layers will be important for any outdoor activity such as exploring the city or hiking the mountains. Never head to a cold travel assignment without packing your favorite winter jacket!

Personal Information

This seems like a given, but with every new job comes a variety of paperwork that is necessary for your first day. The best thing you can do is collect your driver’s license, passport, nursing license and credentials, insurance cards, a copy of your social security card, and a copy of your birth certificate to keep in one place before you begin packing. Pack these items last so that you can easily double-check that they are at hand before you head out.

Along the lines of personal information, you will want to make sure to bring any medications or vitamins that you take daily. Shampoo and other bathroom essentials can always be picked up once you arrive but having your medications already will save you a call to your doctor.

Extension Cords

Moving into your rental home sight unseen is pretty common for travel nursing assignments. It might feel a bit daunting to walk into your new home for the first time the day you are moving in, but you can make any place fit your needs. Extension cords or multi-outlet extenders are extremely helpful if your new home doesn’t have enough outlets or has outlets that are placed too far away from your furniture.

If you like to charge your phone on your nightstand, an extension cord will help you set up your room however you prefer, with a cord that will reach your nightstand from anywhere. If you have too few outlets in the kitchen, a multi-outlet extender would help you plug in every appliance like your coffee maker, toaster, air fryer, and more.

An Eye Mask

As a nurse, your sleep is so important. If you prefer to sleep in pitch black, an eye mask is going to be critical to your daily needs. If your new rental spot has multiple windows or lots of lighting in the bedroom, the eye mask will tie you over until you can set up renter-friendly blinds.

For nurses working the night shift and trying to catch some z’s during the day, you and your eye mask will quickly become best friends.

An Item to Feel at Home

Most travel nurses suggest bringing one item from home, whether it has sentimental value or is just an item you love having around to help you feel settled in a new space.

Photos of loved ones are also a popular must-have, and consider bringing your favorite cozy blanket. Whatever your item is, save room in your suitcase for it.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that most forgotten items can be found once you are settled in your new travel destination. Don’t sweat forgetting your toothbrush or phone charger because you can easily replace those at a local shop. Try to think of the items you know you don’t want to spend 13 weeks without and begin your packing list right there.

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