5 Cities Travel Nurses Should Visit in South Dakota

Travel nursing in South Dakota can be a wonderful adventure. The state’s landscape is comprised of beautiful farmland, rivers, prairies, and mountain ranges. It’s also home to the iconic Mount Rushmore National Memorial, which attracts 3 million visitors per year.

South Dakota’s beautiful landscape and small-town charm make it a wonderful place to visit for a travel nursing assignment. Western South Dakota is home to the Black Hills, a region that consists of 1.2 million acres of beautiful forests and mountains. In addition, travelers can get a deep look into Native American culture and American pioneer history through tours and by visiting monuments across the state.

So, where should you visit as a travel RN while you’re in South Dakota? We’ve created a list of the top five cities for travel nurses to check out while they’re in The Mount Rushmore State.

Read on to learn what South Dakota has to offer!

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Mount Rushmore


Keystone is one of the oldest towns in the Black Hills, and is the place where you can visit the legendary Mount Rushmore. It is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for outdoor fun and adventure during your travel assignment.

Visitors can join a historic walking tour that highlights nearly 20 historic locations. Keystone is also a great town from which to embark on tours of the Black Hills beautiful wilderness or the nearby Crazy Horse Memorial, a monument which aims to “preserve the culture, tradition and living heritage of the North American Indians.”


Located in the Black Hills National Forest, Custer is the oldest town in the region and known as “The Crown Jewel of the Black Hills.” If you want to be just a few minutes away from the best hiking, climbing, and other outdoor activities in South Dakota, Custer is the place to visit.

Just outside of town is Custer State Park, known for its majestic herds of bison and named as one of the world’s top ten wildlife destinations. Another nearby gem is Jewel Cave National Monument, which contains the third-largest cave in the world and is lined with jaw-dropping formations of calcite crystals.

Custer also has a thriving downtown area with boutiques, gift shops, galleries, and top-notch restaurants. And like Keystone, visitors to Custer are just a short drive away from Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial.

Travel Nursing South Dakota | GIFTED Healthcare

Pierre, South Dakota


Pierre is the capital of South Dakota – the second smallest capital city in the United States. It is located in the heart of the state along the Missouri River.

Pierre offers two great state parks, Laframboise Island Nature Area and Farm Island Recreation Area, both of which offer opportunities for hiking, biking, swimming, and camping. There’s also the Museum of the South Dakota State Historical Society, located in the Cultural Heritage Center, which recreates the cultural history of South Dakota in three separate galleries.

For family fun, visit the South Dakota Discovery Center, a “hands-on science playground” for children and families. The Oahe Dam is another fascinating landmark; located just outside of the city, it is one of the largest “earth-rolled” dams in the world, and you can learn about its construction in the nearby visitor center.

For more tips on exploring Pierre, check out this day trip itinerary from Travel South Dakota.

Hill City

Hill City is a historic town that, like Deadwood, was settled in 1876 after the discovery of gold in South Dakota.

Hill City is surrounded by verdant, stunning wilderness – rolling hills, green forests, and majestic mountains. The town is also home to several art galleries and two fascinating museums: the Museum at Black Hills Institute and the South Dakota State Railroad Museum.

The Museum at the Black Hills Institute offers another family-friendly adventure, offering natural history exhibits on dinosaurs, fossils, minerals and other artifacts from across the globe. If you enjoy history, the South Dakota State Railroad Museum’s vintage steam trains and historical displays of the history of American railroads is sure to satisfy.

Travel Nursing South Dakota | GIFTED Healthcare

Deadwood, South Dakota


According to its official website, the town of Deadwood was established in 1876 “when prospectors came across a gulch full of dead trees and a creek full of gold.”

Deadwood was a well-known town of the Old West and was home to legends like Wild Bill Hickock and the nurse pioneer Calamity Jane. Deadwood is also a National Historic Landmark and located in the Black Hills region of South Dakota, which offers a beautiful scenery of forests and mountain ranges.

Today, Deadwood is full of historic buildings, gift shops and restaurants. Visitors can also take part in exciting reenactments of Old West legends, like the death of Bill Hickok and shootouts on Main Street.

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