10 Travel Nursing TikTok Accounts to Follow

Are you hoping to be inspired, encouraged, and educated by your nursing peers? Nurses have flooded to TikTok to share their unfiltered on-the-job experiences that will make you feel seen. There are many fantastic nursing influencers for RNs, and they provide a variety of content from sharing lifestyle tips to posting commiserating humor that will help you feel connected to the nursing community as you travel.  

Whether you are looking for a pre-or post-shift giggle or a heartfelt reminder of why #NurseLife is the best life, we’ve created a list of TikTok’s Top Nurse Influencers for you to check out and follow.  

1. Nurse Louie 

geezelouiseeeee 28K followers  

Nurse Louie is a travel ICU nurse currently working in California. She shares content about her experience as a travel nurse, speaking to relatable concepts such as friendships, hospital experience and taxes 

2. Nurse Tamaria  

Tamairamunoz 22.3K followers 

Tamaria is a travel nurse that previously went viral for her TikTok series on how to become a travel nurse. If Travel Nursing is something you have been thinking about, check out her videos and see if it is for you!  

3. Nurse Kay  

Kayceep9 55.2K followers  

Nurse Kay has been a travel MSN-FNP for two years, working in a variety of locations including  NYC and Texas. She shares videos about how travel nursing changed her life and how it could change yours too. She even brings her pup along for her assignments.  Check out her favorite short-term housing hack!  

4. Nurse Britt  

Nurse_fit_britt 33.7K followers  

Britt became a travel nurse after earning 14 months of experience and shares how to gain experience and branch out as a travel nurse and any other question you might have as a nurse or nursing student.   

5. Nurse Luci

nursenunu 178.4K followers  

Luci’s TikTok account shares videos from the perspective of the “Nurses’ everyday life”, with relatable, humorous content that will have you laughing through your next shift. Check out how he spends his days off 

6. Nurse Tara  

officialtiktoknurse 1.3M followers 

Nurse Tara is a school nurse that shares stories about her experience with her students, tips on how to help various problems from how to put your contacts, how to stop nose bleeds, preventing swimmers’ ear, and more. All nurses can benefit from the advice she shares through her videos.  

7. ER Nurse 


This ER Nurse is also a single mother. She asks trivia questions on her page about the work of an ER Nurse and later updates her page with a video revealing the answer and some information on her experience. This page will be helpful for ER Nurses but also any nurse that wants to continuously learn more about the field.  

She also has fun sharing her OOTD so you might find some fashion inspiration for your next shift too!  

8. Nurse Michelle  

Nursemichelle2 43.8K followers  

Nurse Michelle is an Australian nurse that posts content from both the patient and nurse point of views. You can giggle along at real life interactions you have most likely experienced on your floor first-hand.  

9. Nurse Rouse

 Enfermerarubia 338.3K followers  

Nurse Rouse is a 26-year-old Spanish-speaking nurse that works in Murcia, Spain. She has hundreds of videos and shares content on Instagram as well so you will be able to find her on multiple platforms.   

10. Joscel James 

josceljames 25.3K followers 

Joscel James is a travel nurse comedian that puts his two skills together to create humorous travel nursing content. Check out this TikTok about phrases he deems to be only “travel nurse phrases”. He also has a YouTube channel with more than 1.6K subscribers that you could check out for more humor.   

Having a close-knit community of nursing peers is definitely an asset to living that #NurseLife. As a travel nurse, you can connect with the nursing community online as you take on new travel assignments, experience different facilities, and connect with nurses all around the country. Some of these accounts might even inspire your own experiences to help other travel nurses just like you!  

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